Can Inception Save The Summer?

Hands up if you’re loving the summer so far. Those with their pinkies in the air will no doubt be those enjoying non-stop festival joy. Those that have their arms stapled to their sides will probably be English football fans.


Alternatively you could keep your arms down if you have even a fleeting love of anything remotely cinematic – because 2010, for cine-philes, has been a total stinker.

Fear not, though, celluloid-fanciers, for the summer is about to get saved. For Inception is almost here.

If you don’t know anything about Inception you need not worry, nor does anyone else. From critics to online geeks to your frail old Nana, Inception has been veiled in such secrecy that it is in danger of going completely under the radar. In about two weeks though, that radar will explode.

So what makes Inception something to get so fired up about? Reason number one; Christopher Nolan, for many the most impressive director working today. From his early films Following and Memento, Nolan has been a man obsessed with ideas. When Batman Begins fell onto his plate, and then latterly the extraordinary behemoth that was The Dark Knight, Nolan’s status as the thinking man’s blockbuster-maker has been cemented.

Then there’s the cast. Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Ellen Page, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, plus three Batman alumini Ken Watanabe, Cillian Murphy and God Bless You Sir Michael Caine. In a word, Wow.

Say what you want about DiCaprio, and back in the day the sprout-faced boy did have his detractors, but lil Leo is now firmly at the top of every director’s wishlist. Scorsese, Mendes, Scott to name just his last three. Next up is one Clint Eastwood. Not exactly people you want to argue with on how to make a succesful film.

What little we do know about the plot is that it centres around the idea of stealing dreams. This may turn out to be the most ponderous, pretentious, existential blockbuster of all time, but somehow, just somehow, I doubt it.

That doubt may have something to do with this trailer. Enjoy.