Charlie Hunnam and Marilyn Manson is the strangest bromance of the year

"He's the most handsome fucker in the world."

One is the pale emperor; the prince of darkness; the antichrist superstar once known as Brian Warner. The other is a hunky A-list film actor whose latest appearance is as the mythical King Arthur in Guy Ritchie’s new film King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. That might not seem the most obvious foundation for a friendship, but the pair of them – Marilyn Manson and Charlie Hunnam – are sort of best mates, ever since Manson appeared in Sons of Anarchy‘s final season in 2014.

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Last night (May 9) the pair hugged it out at the premiere for Hunnam’s new King Arthur film. On the red carpet Manson told Entertainment Tonight: “We’re strangely like brothers. I don’t have a lot of close men friends at my ’round table’ so to speak. I don’t even have a table. But Charlie and I always cook food for each other.”


Hunnam added: “He came in and did a couple of episodes – maybe like five or six – and we just became pals. We’re an unlikely duo but we love each other.”

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And why do they get on so well? Well, according to Manson: “He’s more handsome than me. He’s the most handsome fucker in the world.”