Christmas 2017: Amazing gifts for superhero fans

Get your mitts on vintage posters, threads and cosplay costumes

It’s been a landmark year for game-changing superhero films. Wonder Woman set a new standard for female protagonists. Wolverine’s story transformed thanks to Logan. Spider-Man: Homecoming boosted a previously flawed franchise. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 lived up to its prequel’s ridiculously high standards. Chances are, if you haven’t already binged on this year’s superhero flicks, you’ll be watching them at home with family this Christmas. But do you know what would make the experience even better? Receiving one of these gifts this year:

Under £5

Vintage Superman poster – £3.99 – Buy Now

Superman, Poster

Because Clark Kent never looked better than on your wall.

Under £10

Thor Ragnarock: Gladiator Hulk figure – £9.58 – Buy Now


Thor, Hulk

An adorably tiny version of Thor’s most short-fused character. It may be pocket-sized, but don’t make it angry.

Under £20

Spider Man ceramic mug – £11.50 – Buy Now

The perfect, badass vessel for drinking your coffee – no strings attached.

DC Comics encyclopaedia – £15 – Buy Now

There are over 1,200 characters in the DC universe. This incredibly expansive book details every single one of them. Impress your friends, and discover which superhero to base your lifestyle around.

Wonder Woman tee – £15.95 – Buy Now


Become 5% more like Gal Gadot with this essential tee.

3D Iron Man mask – £19.89 – Buy Now

Picture the scene: you, post-Xmas dinner, racing around the house in this glow-in-the-dark LED Iron Man mask, surrounded by relatives you haven’t seen in 12 months. That’s what Christmas is all about.

Under £50

Deadpool knitted jumper – £24.95 – Buy Now

Ryan Reynolds didn’t respond to your Christmas invite, so you’re safe to wear this. Seasonal and superhero-sealed.

Marvel: A Visual History – £28.00 – Buy Now

Marvel Year by Year: A Visual History is the ultimate coffee table history of Marvel Comics, spanning from the 1930s to 2017.

Marvel Studios Collector’s Box Set Blu Ray – £34.99 – Buy Now

This seven disc set brings together both Iron Man films, Captain America, Hulk, Thor and Avengers Assemble. A collection to make even the most seasoned comic fan marvel.

Risk: Marvel Cinematic Universe – £34.99 – Buy Now

Standard strategy games have nothing on this – the perfect board game for whiling away the hours on Boxing Day.

Under £200

Thor hammer – £135.37 – Buy Now

It’s a lifesized Mjolnir hammer, straight from the hands of Thor. What more do you need to know?

And if you already have everything…

The ultimate Batman costume – £499 – Buy Now

You can get the retro Batman look for more than a pretty penny, but think of it this way: wear this all the time, and going to the supermarket, catching the bus and doing house chores will never be the same again.

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