Cyborg Rom-Coms And Psychological Sci-Fi – Klaxons’ Favourite Flicks

As part of our Klaxons take over, the boys told us about their favourite movies. Now we can see where the sci-fi trend in their music promos comes from…

‘The Man From Earth’ (2007)
Simon: “My favourite sci-fi film is one called ‘The Man From Earth’. It starts with a leaving party for a retiring professor that he gives to his colleagues. He tries to convince them that he’s an immortal man and he’s been walking the Earth for 14000 years. It’s a weird take on the normal idea of sci-fi being a spectacle. It’s a psychological sci-fi film – but it’s a really low budget one that went straight to DVD, then got picked up afterwards.”

‘For All Mankind’ (1989)
James: “Another amazing one was ‘For All Mankind’. Using lots of stock NASA footage, it was sound tracked by Brian Eno, it’s the most beautiful story of space travel.”

‘Cyborg She’ (2008)
Simon: “Like the ‘Sex and The City’ of sci-fi. ‘Cyborg She’ is literally a story about a guy who falls in love with a cyborg. Then she sadly passes away and a future cyborg comes back and falls in love with him again. It is actually totally and utterly mind blowing, and really, really heartbreaking. If you’re a fan of the regular rom-com, this is a slightly futuristic, cyborg rom-com.”

‘Orphee’ (1949)
Jamie: “One of my favourites is a film by Jean Cocteau called ‘Orphee’. It’s like a French 1949 version of a Greek film and it blew my mind. That’s my Number One at the moment, otherwise it’s the musical adaptation of ‘Oliver’. The cat on the front cover of ‘Surfing The Void’ is my pet and he’s named ‘Orphee’ like the film. But I just call him ‘Boy’ because I don’t want to stand out the back of my house screaming ‘Ophee!’”

‘On The Silver Globe’ (1987)
Simon: “Probably one of my favourite films ever. It’s a late 1980s Polish film where this group of astronauts leave the Earth and their spaceship crashes on the moon. Everyone dies except a couple of them and between the few survivors they build this new community using the remaining parts of the ship. Essentially their God is this ship and centuries and centuries on people worship this space suit, like the signal of Christ. Everyone in it is totally bonkers and walks around screaming at each other. The film got banned from Poland – the story of getting it out is so interesting, almost as interesting as the film. Apparently it’s still not finished.”

‘Apocalypto’ (2006)
James: “I watched it a couple of years back when I was on tour. It’s set in the Mayan, pre-Colombian period. It’s brutal, just this insane survival story about the downfall of the Mayan Civilisation. It’s by Mel Gibson who definitely showed off his direction skills in that.”