Here’s what happens in Dave Grohl’s ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’ cameo

**Be warned: the following contains heinous spoilers**

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Given Keanu Reeves is reputedly one of the nicest guys in Hollywood, it makes sense he found a role in Bill & Ted Face The Music for the official nicest man in rock, Dave Grohl.

Yep, Sir Rocks-a-lot plays himself in the new movie, which reunites Reeves and co-star Alex Winter in their star-making ‘80s and ‘90s roles and is in cinemas NOW.


Be warned, the following contains HEINOUS SPOILERS.

So, how exactly does our Dave get involved in the action?

Remember how Bill and Ted were told their music was going to save the world and unite its peoples? That didn’t exactly go to plan: 29 years after the events of Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, the pair are washed-up one-hit wonders waiting for their moment of heroism. And then it arrives: the future elders, displeased with the duo, charge them with writing an anthem to unite all people across all times.

And naturally they go straight to Dave Grohl?

Not exactly. Instead, Bill and Ted hit on the idea of visiting future versions of themselves to ask what the song is. Sneaky, right?

And what are the aged Bill and Ted like?

Ted is a bit Keith Richards, Bill looks like Robert Plant, thanks to an oversized hairpiece, and they live in a palatial mansion lined with gold discs.

So they eventually wrote the song?

Not exactly, no. They’ve actually hit hard times, are living in a van and playing open mics, so they hit on the idea of purloining a song from Dave Grohl. The song – and the house – are his, and he shows up while the Bills and Teds are present.

Do we hear the song?


No, but Bill and Ted listen over headphones and Bill declares it “truly the most amazing song I’ve ever heard”.

How’s Dave’s acting?

Impeccable, of course! This is a guy who cut his teeth hamming it up in those great ‘90s Foo Fighters videos, and he’s been a part of Tenacious D’s heavy metal pantomime, too.

So we might expect to see him embark on a spin-off career?

He doesn’t stop rocking long enough for that. But he would have been great in Game Of Thrones with the hair and beard combo.

Are there any other famous musicians in ‘Bill & Ted Face The Music’?

Funny you should ask. One of the members of The Future Council is Arcade Fire’s Win Butler. And alongside Bill and Ted’s quest, their daughters embark on a mission of their own to put together the ultimate supergroup, one member of which is real-life Kid Cudi, the well-respected US rapper.

And how’s Kid Cudi’s acting?

Let’s just say he remains a well-respected US rapper.

Do they use Dave’s song to save the universe?

It’s far more complicated than that. It’s times like these you just gotta go and see the film.

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