This is what ‘La La Land’ would look like if David Lynch directed it

If you’ve seen hit musical La La Landthe all-singing, all-dancing smash has been slapping cheesy smiles on punters’ faces for a good two months nowyou’ll know just how stirring, inspirational and uplifting it is. There’s not a speck of bad feeling on its shiny surface. Want neo-noir tension? In the mood for a good fright? Keep moving.

One place you might look is in the scare-filled work of David Lynch. The prolific director is the master of surrealism and has been making movies for five decades now – each stuffed with illicit secrets and mysterious daring-do. You certainly wouldn’t catch him making any musicals, despite the excellent two albums of avant-garde rock he’s put out. It’s unimaginable. Or is it…?

Reader, the unthinkable has happened. Some clever bugger on the Internet has managed to take the happy sentimentalism of La La Land and turn it into a brooding Lynchian drama – and it works.


Gone are the jaunty set-piece numbers of Sunset Boulevard, replaced by a sinister orchestral soundtrack straight out of 1980’s The Elephant Man. There’s even a nod to Lynch’s TV tour de force Twin Peaks with Ryan Gosling muttering backwards nonsense for a few frames. You can see for yourself by watching the unlikely mashup in full below.

Lynch fans desperately waiting for Twin Peaks season 3 will get a kick out of the CineFix creation. It’s also a chance to imagine what a modern day David Lynch Academy Award winner might look like. The director hasn’t been nominated since 2002’s Mulholland Drive and is well overdue a bit of Oscar love. ‘La La Land’ is up for a whopping 14 gongs at The Oscars 2017.

The long wait for new episodes of Twin Peaks is almost up, with the revival season airing on Sky Atlantic at 2am on Monday 22 May. The two-hour premiere will be swiftly followed by episodes three and four – available online immediately after Twin Peaks season 3 premieres.

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