Here’s every key release date in Disney’s mammoth movie schedule from 2019 to 2027

Walt Disney Studios announced a list of all of its forthcoming projects last week, including Fox productions

If you were ever worried that Hollywood might one day run out of ideas, then the arrival of Disney‘s gigantic list of planned movie releases for the next eight (eight!) years should be more than enough to assure you that the movie business is still very much in rude health.

The release dates of over 60 Walt Disney Studios-produced films have been confirmed with the announcement, with that number including a wide array of Fox Studios productions which have now fallen under the Disney umbrella following 21st Century Fox’s merger with the entertainment behemoth earlier this year.

The lengthy release schedule, which spans until 2027, has handily given us a clearly defined idea of when to expect a slew of new movies from the worlds of Star Wars, Marvel and Avatar – and that’s not forgetting the planned Indiana JonesBob’s Burgers and Pixar films, too.

We’ve compiled the full 2019-2027 release schedule of Disney productions below for your viewing pleasure – time to mark your movie calendars.