Eddie Murphy As Oscar Host – Nutty Or Prophetic?

After a whole 48 hours of speculation Eddie Murphy has been picked to host the 84th Academy Awards. You read that right. The star of Norbit, Pluto Nash, Metro, Harlem Nights, Vampire in Brooklyn and The Haunted Mansion is to host the most prestigious awards ceremony on the planet. The man responsible for Nutty Professor II: The Klumps is Hollywood’s Number One choice to represent their interests to a global audience in the hundreds of millions.


All we can say is “Damn fucking straight he is!” If played right, this could be an Oscars for the ages. A stand-up returning to his rightful place. An out of favour star, who has crawled through a river of shit, mostly of his own creation, with hopefully enough to throw about. If you don’t like it, y’all can get the fuck outta here!

Murphy’s Law
Murphy’s Law states that well over half of Eddie’s career has sucked a big fat one. Perversely, this is a good thing. When the Oscars is self-aggrandising it’s at its worst, when self-deprecating it’s at its best. Last year’s ceremony saw two of the best-looking, most in demand actors working today – James Franco and Anne Hathaway. It tanked. But Murphy, Murphy has more dirt on himself than anyone. If allowed, his ridiculing of his own image (as well as others) could make up for the 3 plus hours of backslappage. Just don’t expect any Mel B jokes.

Sing! Sing Motherfucker! Sing!
To host the Oscars it helps if you can belt out a tune. While it’s been over 25 years since the clip below, Eddie has proved that he can not only hold a note but perform a perfect impression of the biggest and the best. Imitation was never the sincerest form of flattery, it was a way to take the piss out of someone without them knowing. This is where The Golden Child can really shine.

Shock and Awe
Oscar producer Brett Ratner has promised that this year’s show will remain family friendly. Ratner has also promised that his films will be good. Therefore Ratner is a liar. Hopefully he’s telling a big fat whopper in regards to the cleanliness of Murphy’s act. While nobody – bar Mel Gibson – wants the misogyny of Harlem Nights, Eddie can be adept at revealing hypocrisy through irony, as best epitomised in the AIDS sketch of Delirious. Or at least we hope he was being ironic, especially in this sketch from Raw.

There’s one thing worse than being talked about…
More than anything the choice of Eddie Murphy has got people talking. This morning, ‘The Oscars’ were competing with ‘The Mercury Music Prize’ for Twitter trending top spot thanks to yesterday’s announcement. Every film fan will have an opinion on the choice of Eddie and the odds of them tuning in next February to find out if they’re right are about as short as Meryl Streep getting a nod for The Iron Lady.

Ultimately the show’s success will come down to whether we get this Eddie Murphy or this Eddie Murphy. If it’s the former, February 26, 2012 could be a thoroughly momentous night.