Avengers: Endgame: the conclusions we can draw from the hint-packed trailer

It’s T-minus-six-weeks until Avengers: Endgame is released in cinemas. The end to Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s sprawling 22-film franchise is already being eagerly anticipated by fans; but directors the Russo brothers just upped the excitement by dropping the second full length trailer for the film, sending the internet into overdrive.

The beginning of the trailer is fairly bleak, showing clips of old films (like Iron Man and Captain America) that show the origins of The Avengers alongside footage of our heroes disintegrating in Thanos’ snap. However as we get further through the Russo brothers dropped a host of new details about the upcoming blockbuster. Here’s what we learned from the latest trailer:

Tony Stark and Nebula survive the airless spaceship

In previous trailers we saw Iron Man stuck in a spaceship with the oxygen about to run out; and later we see him and Nebula anxiously working away, presumably on a way to get the ship back to earth. When we see the Avengers line-up at HQ, we see a shot that reveals the two of them managed to get their way back to earth and the rest of their team.



Nebula and Ant-Man join The Avengers

When the team suit up at the end of the trailer, we see both Nebula and Ant-Man donning an Avengers uniform, meaning they’ve joined The Avengers (at least, for the moment).

There could be time-travel, or at least time jumps

When we see the Avengers suiting up they’re wearing Quantum Realm suits, which indicates the team could be travelling back in time to defeat Thanos. Additionally, throughout the trailer, we see Black Widow and Hawkeye with a variety of different hairstyles, which fans are speculating could mean the film will hop between different times.


Thor’s back with The Avengers

In the Super Bowl trailer there was a shot of Thor in a wooden structure that looked similar to the architecture in Wakanda, so fans were speculating that he’d stayed there, or perhaps gone to Asgard to search for survivors. This trailer sees Thor back in Avengers HQ speaking to Captain Marvel, meaning that even if he was in Wakanda or Asgard, he does return to earth at some point.

Scott Lang comes out of the Quantum realm, and has no idea what’s happened 

In the mid-credits scene of Ant-Man And The Wasp Lang – Ant Man – heads into the Quantum Realm with the help of Hope, Janet and Hank. While he’s there, the snap causes the other three to disappear, leaving him stuck. The trailer reveals he got out of the realm alone, but by the look on his face he was totally unaware of what happened on Earth in the meantime.


Captain Marvel meets The Avengers

We knew this from the Captain Marvel end-credits scene, but in this trailer we see more footage of her interacting with the team at what looks like Avengers HQ. In particular, her interaction with Thor has got fans excited about a potential friendship between the two characters.

Black Widow goes to find Hawkeye

In the trailer we see a brief shot of Hawkeye smiling whilst teaching what appears to be his daughter to shoot a bow and arrow. Next is a shot of Black Widow comforting a troubled looking Hawkeye, which fans are speculating could be because his entire family disappeared in the snap. It looks like after not getting involved in the events of Avengers: Infinity War, the OG Avenger is returning for the final showdown against Thanos.