Ewan McGregor’s French Accent Is Terrible – But At Least He Warned Us

To be fair to Trainspotting and Big Fish pro Ewan McGregor, all we’ve heard of his French accent is about 3 seconds’ worth, in the trailer for the live-action remake of Beauty And The Beast. But yesterday, when that trailer hit the web, the Twitter reaction to his accent was almost a universal panning. Here are four examples:




Check out Ewan’s six mega-French words here, at around the 55-second mark – he’s the guy saying “What if she is the one?”:



In case you don’t remember who he’s playing, here’s the original version of Lumiere:


The thing about the accent is, he warned us about it a year ago, and it sounds like it’s the producers’ fault. “I’m married to a French woman more than 20 years and I thought ‘yeah I can do the French accent’,” he told Graham Norton in June 2015, “but I got there and I couldn’t. And it was so many people there…” He goes on to explain that they told him not to use the guttural French ‘r’, without which the accent ends up sounding a bit Mexican.

In another interview from last year, at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, he said the same thing, only with more examples of the problem words (‘friend’ included).

But if you check out the original Lumiere’s accent here, (after his transformation into a human once more) it’s hardly the best…