Film Review – Why ‘Paranormal Activity’ Is The New ‘Blair Witch’

To think that 10 years ago, before everyone even knew about The Strokes’ song ‘Crazy In Love’ being the best thing ever and before Tony Blair accepted George Bush’s Facebook group request of “Let’s nuke Saddamn LOL”, some idiots grabbed a camera, waved it about a bit and made the most profitable movie of all time.


It looks like someone has paid attention to history a little better than me, because believe it or not, ‘Paranormal Activity’ is the next ‘Blair Witch Project’. Just with less snotty noses.


After three years of a happy relationship, Katie and Micah decide to settle down and get a place together. Sadly, Katie has a little secret. Ever since she was young she’s been visited by a ‘presence’ in the night.

Regardless of whether or not she should have mentioned this on a second or third date (clue: she should have) Micah sees this as an opprotunity to play with his new camera and sets about trying to capture any spooky goings on. They both get more than they bargained for.

As a young, first time film-maker you could do a lot worse than having Steven Spielberg himself declare your 20p budget film as the ‘Scariest Movie Of All Time’. But with great hyperbole comes great expectation. And if you’re expecting the ‘Scariest Film Of All Time’ you’re likely to be let down.

Enter the cinema expecting a clever little movie, with some neat ideas and pretty decent performances and, if you let it, ‘Paranormal Activity’ will give you a pretty uncomfortable nights sleep.


Any film that gives the audience the use of their own imagination to fill in blanks deserves kudos and the central relaionship between Micah and Katie is surprisingly believable with ‘him’ being the true embodiment of arrogant, “I can solve this” manliness. Which brings me to my closing point. The tagline says “Don’t Go Alone”. I’d actually recommend you do. Or at least don’t go with a signficant other.

If you do the girls will sit wondering if their partners would antogonise the ‘spirit’ regardless of advice from experts, while the boys will eye their girlfriends suspiciously all night long to see if they sit bolt upright or start speaking in tongues. I know I did.