Four Lions – Why We’re Excited About Chris Morris’ Latest

Very few people have the Midas Touch when it comes to comedy; Chris Morris is one of the few. From his radio days outraging BBC bosses, to cameos in I’m Alan Partridge and The IT Crowd, to his full-on shows The Day Today, Brass Eye and Jam, there isn’t a bum note to be found.


His tendency to take people for a ride (see ‘here’ and ‘here’) may have made people sceptical of his first foray into feature films when it was announced that he’d be writing and directing a British-set, ‘Jihadist Comedy’. Thankfully this is no prank.


From The Great Dictator to Dr Strangelove, satire is the best possible way to make people sit up and see how silly we all are. And in a time where the world poops itself everytime a backpack is left unattended, Four Lions seems all the more essential.

Premiering at Sundance to rave reviews and closing this week’s SXSW film fun, the latest Four Lions trailer has been released (and it’s a lot funnier than the last one).

Described as being neither pro nor anti-religious, Four Lions makes the brave choice of showing these ‘terrorists’ as completely human. Misguided, troubled and stupid, yes, but human nonetheless.

Even if singing ‘Toploader’ at the top of your lungs does seem like an inherently evil thing to do.

The only thing to upset us now (unless you write for the British tabloids) is that we have to wait until May 7th for it’s UK release. Damn you Morris, fooled again!


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