Harley Quinn movie ‘Birds Of Prey’: cast, trailers, release dates and everything we know so far

The Margot Robbie character is stealing the spotlight

Suicide Squad‘s titular gang of misfits and criminals might have boasted a whole heap of characters, but few resonated quite like Harley Quinn. A mischievous and unabashedly brutal femme fatale, the Margot Robbie depiction of the classic comic book character quickly became an outsider icon.

Her impact was so huge that Suicide Squad 2 has been delayed in favour of focussing on an upcoming Harley Quinn-focussed spin-off of the series. It’s reportedly centred around the Birds Of Prey franchise – here’s everything we know about Harley Quinn’s star turn.

Latest updates:

  • The first full-length trailer for the movie has now been released!
  • Promotional film poster released
  • New clip showing more of the characters released
  • Margot Robbie shares first photo from set

Deadshot and Harley Quinn
Deadshot and Harley Quinn

Is there a trailer?


Yes! The first full-length trailer for the movie was released on October 1st. It finds Harley Quinn splitting from the joker and wreaking havoc on Gotham City.

What’s it called and have we seen any images?

The film’s poster was revealed on Instagram in September. The image appears to depict various cast members decked out as we can expect to see them in the film. Check out the colourful new promo below.

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There’s certainly ‘a lot going on’ as they say, though initial fan reaction seems to be positive.


Margot Robbie posted a picture of the front page of the forthcoming film’s script back in November last year, confirming the film’s title.

Birds of Prey is a reference to the female-focused DC Comics franchise which sees Quinn linking up with the likes of Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Catwoman and Katana. This would make sense, especially as Warner Bros/Time Warner Inc. had been referring to the film as “untitled Harley Quinn girl gang movie”.

Posting on Instagram, Robbie shared a photo from set that sees her in full Quinn get-up once more. However, she’s looking ever so slightly different this time around.

Gone is the anarchic baseball vibe, instead replaced by a jacket festooned with long confetti-like strands. It’s giving off serious 80s vibes.

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Who will appear in the film?

Reports suggest Warner Bros want to establish a host of new characters in the new team-up movie, including Batgirl, before giving them their own spin-offs.

Margot Robbie will of course return as Harley Quinn, while Rosie Perez (who will play Renee Montoya), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Huntress) and Jurnee Smollett-Bell (Black Canary) have all signed up to star in the film so far.

Who is working behind-the-scenes?

The script has been written by Christina Hodson, while the movie will be directed by Cathy Yan. Filming will reportedly begin on January 15, 2019.

Is there a trailer?

No trailer has been released yet for the Birds Of Prey movie. However, a clip featuring a quick, but closer look at the characters was released on January 28. The short video flicks through some of the supporting roles in the film before ending on Robbie’s Harley Quinn drinking, laughing, and sucking on a lollipop. Watch it below.

Do we know the plot?

We don’t know the full plot of the Birds Of Prey movie just yet, but according to Forbes“sources are describing the project as an all-female variation on Suicide Squad.”

As for the Birds Of Prey comic franchise, it’s set in Gotham City, and finds the titular cast of heroines battling the city’s countless villains. Usually centred around Batgirl, Oracle, Black Canary and Huntress, many others come and go, so the exact line-up for the movie version is up in the air.

When’s it being released?

A release date of Feb. 7, 2020 has been set by Warner Bros. That’s not too long to wait now, right?


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