Future Oscar winner? Harry Styles can act, according to ‘Dunkirk’ viewers

The verdicts are in, and Styles is perfect for the big screen

Christopher Nolan’s long-awaited Dunkirk film features the acting debut of one Harry Styles, and last night (July 10) it was screened to fans and critics for the first time. The early verdicts suggest that even if he’s not a surefire future Oscar winner, Styles has a bright acting future ahead of him.

Nolan’s first movie since 2014’s Interstellar, Dunkirk (out July 20) is a WWII epic narrating the June 1940 Dunkirk evacuation, where Allied soldiers attempted to evacuate French beaches while under enemy fire. It sees Styles starring alongside Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy and Kenneth Branagh – not exactly small company. One viewer is calling it “one of the best war films ever made.”


Reviews are under embargo until Friday July 14, but early verdicts are already sneaking on Twitter. And beyond the overall Dunkirk acclaim, there’s one broad conclusion – Harry Styles is one hell of an actor.

His appearance in Dunkirk is only brief, but critics are fully on side. Even those who didn’t expect much from his big screen debut.

BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra film critic Ali Plumb was fully convinced.

Styles isn’t on camera for long, but according to critics this applies to everyone starring in  Dunkirk – it’s part of the movie’s premise.


If this music lark doesn’t work out, there’s something else he can turn to.

Styles isn’t the only musical draw on Dunkirk. Everyone’s buzzing about Hans Zimmer’s score. He previously worked with Nolan on Inception and Interstellar.

Critics are also saying Dunkirk’s best viewed on a huge 3D screen. The bigger the screen, the more Styles you see. Simple.