Home Alone’s Wet Bandit Has Responded To The Grown-Up Kevin McCallister Video And It’s Brilliant

Not only was Home Alone 2 on the telly on Christmas Day, at precisely the point when everyone’s turkey coma was kicking in, fans of the film are in for another festive treat.

You may remember that last week, Macaulay Culkin starred in a bizarre short which depicted a grown-up Kevin McCallister battling the affects of childhood abandonment.

But if that wasn’t enough to get all the 90s kids going, there’s been a response to The Culk’s video – from none other than Marv (AKA baddy number 2) from the Home Alone movies.

In the video, Daniel Stern, who played one of Kevin’s adversaries in the films, calls on his old-time burglar buddy Harry Lime for help after seeing an adult Kevin McCallister torturing a criminal ‘on the internet.’

Watch his response below.

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Terrified, Marv tells Harry that Kevin’s coming ‘for all the home invaders’.

‘Nobody believed us about this stupid kid!’, he yells. ‘He electrocuted me for God’s sake. Please Harry – I’m home alone and I’m scared.’

Ah nostalgia, it gets us every time.