How The Stars Of Predator Went Into Politics

With the recent release of the real would-be-sequel of Predator, we thought we’d have a look to see where the original stars have ended up. It would appear they’re all in one place, having shifted from the Predator jungle to the political one. Here’s a rundown of how the original Predator was a breeding ground for politics.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – (Republican)
The most famous star in both film and politics, The Governator first ran for election for the Governorship of California in 2003 in a (total) recall election. Winning the remainder of then Governor Gray Davis’s term (inator), Arnie was re-elected in 2006 for a full-term.



This year could see the Austrian Oak run for the United States Senate. The Presidency, however, is one step too far. Having not been born in the US of A, he is ineligible to run… unless he makes them change the constitution. If anyone could.

Jesse Ventura (Reform Party)
When Jesse ‘The Body’ Ventura gave up his WWF duties he looked for another outlet for his rage and anger. Politics seemed a perfect fit. First up he became the Mayor of Brooklyn Park serving for four years, before running on an ‘anti-politics’ agenda for the Governorship of Minnesota in 1998. Utilising the internet way before Obama, ‘The Body’ became ‘The Mind’ serving one term before ‘media intrusion’ saw him give up on politics for the sake of his family.

Sonny Landham (Republican/Independent)
Where Arnie and Jesse lead the rest will follow. Sadly for Sonny any form of political victory was one step too far. Starting his career in porn didn’t help, calling for a genocide on the Arab World and referring to them as “ragheads” on local radio was a faux pas far too faux. In 2008 he hoped to get the Senate Seat of Kentucky. Once his racist views were heard the Kentucky Libertarians voted unanimously to withdraw Landham’s nomination.

Carl Weathers (‘Black Guy Party’)
With nary an ideological cause or a political party to affiliate himself with Carl still had the cojones to go on national TV and ask for the American people’s vote. “I’m not fussy. Any state is fine. While I’ve never voted personally I was in the movie Predator, where I played…the black guy.” Weathers stated, “I’d like to think I have the Apollo Creedentials to govern” Before going on to riff that Danny Glover was in Predator 2, and therefore unworthy of your vote. Sadly this turned out to be just a SNL sketch.


The Predator (Conservative)
From 1979 – 1990, The Predator was the only woman to serve as British Prime Minister. Surviving on just four hours sleep, the creature donned invisibility to take milk away from children and…what…oh…sorry, we got a little confused. Looks just like her. Should have known though, this one doesn’t bleed. So we can’t kill it.