In Praise Of Morgan Freeman

Not only is Morgan Freeman possibly the greatest living actor, he’s also a very cool cat. How cool? With these easy to digest snippets of information, that I’ll bestow upon you now, you can put them into a coolness calculator and find out.


He’s approved by Nelson Mandela!
At a press conference to promote Mendela’s memoir, Long Walk to Freedom, someone asked Mandela who should play him in the movie. “And he said he wanted me,” says Freeman. Endorsement given, Invictus filmed.


He owns the best voice in the world!
Okay so it’s probably not him but the fact that someone can impersonate him well enough to have you doubting makes him an icon in anyones books.

His laugh in The Bucket List is also well worth checking out. It’s the only great thing about that film, but still when I die I’d like to go to the sounds of Morgan having a chuckle.

He’s known by the kids!
According to the late, great Steve Irwin (courtesy of the filth-wizards of South Park) a Grizzly bear has “the strength of over ten Morgan Freemans”. According to Stewie Griffin, Morgan Freeman is, “who all the young girls like”. According to me, being referenced in South Park and Family Guy is the highest compliment imaginable.

He’ll get you off drugs!
Like Russell Brand, I HATE talking about my massive drug problems. I will, however, share with you all just how I managed to give up my £1,000 a day crack habit.

Thanks Mr. Freeman!

He’s God!
If anyone is going to play God, Morgan is your man. The film may be a little sickly but at least it’s no Evan Almighty. Morgan was in that too? Shhhhh.


He gives great speech!
From Shawshank to Se7en to Unforgiven to this. If you want some words to have meaning, call MF.

He starred in the Greatest Movie Of All Time!
He was in Se7en, which most rational people that don’t “sit around reading guns and ammo, masturbating in their own faeces” will agree is one of the best things to ever happen to human beings. But I’m talking about everyone’s favourite film. In polls from Empire magazine to the IMDB Top 250 Movies (yes, Kanye lemme finish) Of All Time, The Shawshank Redemption is the mack daddy. Numero One. Let’s enjoy some of it now shall we…

Invictus is released in the UK on 5th Feb 2010.

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