The internet reacts to wrong Best Picture winner being announced at The Oscars 2017

The Oscars 2017 – have you ever seen a crazier ending? After a night of relative dullness and predictability, we were treated to one of the most shocking moments in awards history.

At the culmination of the show, La La Land was announced by Warren Beatty as Best Picture winner – but after a few minutes of confusion, it transpired that in fact Barry Jenkins’ Moonlight was the winner, and that wrong winner had been mistakenly announced.

Chaos ensued, and the shocked cast of La La Land were ushered off the stage and the jubilant team behind Moonlight headed towards the stage to pick up the gong. This makes Steve Harvey’s wrong announcement cock-up seem rather tame, doesn’t it?


Shock reigned supreme, mainly

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Some were dead happy about the mistake

People also lauded the response of producer of Jordan Horowitz, who graciously revealed the mistake


We’re not sure, but this might be fake news

Steve Harvey breathes a sigh of relief

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