James Bond Review Roundup – How ‘Spectre’ (Mostly) Won Over Critics

The new James Bond film, Spectre, is finally here, and not short of spectacle according to NME’s Olly Richards, whose review you can read here. But what did the rest of the great and good of online and print media make of Daniel Craig’s potentially final outing as the super-spy? Here’s a round-up of what some of the first reviews have had to say following its first press screening last night…

The Guardian: “He is one of the best Bonds and an equal to Connery. That great big handsome-Shrek face with its sweetly bat ears has grown into the role.” 5/5

Variety: “Sam Mendes’ second consecutive Bond outing again passes its physical with flying colors.”

The Playlist: “Those looking for a film with all the classic Bond ingredients may find something to like here. But those of us hoping that Mendes might again be able to take those ingredients and make something more than the sum of those parts will be left bitterly disappointed.” C-

Empire: “Full marks to Mendes, Craig, Waltz, Fiennes and the location finder. But could we please get a hummable song next time?” 4/5

The Daily Telegraph: “Spectre pulls it off in the grand old Fleming style. It’s an act of pure cinematic necromancy.” 5/5

Time Out London: “The result is an unbalanced but never less than entertaining film, enthralling and deflating in roughly equal measure, and studded with moments of true, old-school glory. If this is Craig’s farewell to the tux, he’s going out with a whole string of very loud bangs.” 3/5

The Independent: “For at least half its running time, this is as good as Bond gets – a rip-roaring and very stylishly made thriller with tremendous production values. The hitch is that, in its latter stages, Spectre struggles to reconcile its own internal contradictions.” 4/5

The Hollywood News: “Mendes has done the impossible; he’s matched his success of Skyfall with a Bond film that while it hasn’t left us as shaken, we can’t help but be as stirred with Spectre.” 5/5