You definitely didn’t spot this embarrassing Last Jedi plothole

DJ, turn it up

On its release in December 2017, Star Wars: The Last Jedi received adulation and scorn in equal measure. Even as the film was garnering 5-star reviews, a fan-led petition launched to remove the film from canon garnered more than 100,000 signatures. In its comments, fans spent their own time and energy documenting the many problems they saw in the film (among the most popular: “Luke was ruined and wasted, Snoke wasted, Rey’s backstory wasted, Kylo’s character development wasted, FInn [sic] had no development, Fisher’s exit wasted…”) A lot of these ‘problems’ can be put down to personal opinion, but a lolzy YouTuber by the name of Jenny Nicholson found an indisputable plothole in the film, and – even though it’s basically an April Fool’s joke – pedants will absolutely love it.

She begins by explaining the name of the film’s mysterious backstabber, DJ. Importantly, he chose his own name as a mark of his own philosophy: it stands for Don’t Join, because he doesn’t work for any side but his own.

Nicholson then goes on to explain the existence of a character called Rex – a pilot – from an old Star Wars attraction called Star Tours. In the old version, which ran from 1987 to 2010, the vehicle was driven by an RX-series droid called Rex. And Disney has resurrected that character for the new Star Wars Land, where instead of a pilot, he will be – you guessed it – a DJ. He’s literally going to be called DJ Rex.


As Jenny points out, this means that disc-jockeys in Star Wars are also called DJs – and that’s fine – but this makes the choice of name by The Last Jedi‘s DJ very weird. The fact that no one acknowledges it is even weirder. “That’s like if Finn’s Stormtrooper serial number was PHD-420-69,” Jenny says. “You’re telling me that in a universe where DJs exist and are called ‘DJs’, a man introduced himself as ‘DJ’ with a straight face and none of the characters he was talking to asked: ‘you mean DJ like a DJ?’ or remarked: ‘It’s weird that your name is ‘DJ'”?

Nicholson’s has started a petition for someone in Episode 9 to acknowledge the weirdness of DJ’s name, and even though it’s an April fool, she’s not wrong. See her explain the plothole below.