‘Le Donk’ – Starring Arctic Monkeys – Premieres At Latitude

Returning from the “gayest festival” (in a good way) of the year, showered and rested, I thought I’d share with you guys (i.e. recycle out of sheer laziness) my take on the World Premiere of the new Shane Meadows rock/mockumentary ‘Le Donk’, starring Paddy Considine and featuring none other than Arctic Monkeys.


Being at the forefront of the British film-making talent still doesn’t guarantee funding. Just ask Shane Meadows. When his latest project hit a financial road-block the film-maker responded by ringing up his friend and actor Paddy Considine, asking him if he wanted to put a couple of grand into making a film, grabbing a couple of cameras and starting on a whole new movie.

The result is an at times hilarious, at times affecting, mockumentary about a roadie whose delusions of grandeur beggar belief. Nicholas, or Le Donk as he prefers to be called, is simultaneouly trying to win back the affection of his heavily pregnant ex-girlfriend while riding the waves of his friend Scor-Zay-Zee’s talent as a free-style rapper. All the time waiting for his particular brand of genius to be acknowledged.

So where exactly do the Monkeys fit in? Le Donk works as a roadie for the band and in a fortuitous turn that seems to only come with filming spontaneously, Alex Turner and company stumbled across Scor-Zay-Zee rapping for a scene. So impressed were they, they gave him a shot at opening the one-day festival at the LCC cricket ground. Shane and the film-makers lept at the opportunity and the entire incident now plays an integral part of the movie. For a brief, poorly filmed snippet of said event, watch the video below.

Paddy Considine has always been a fine comedy actor but rarely do his skills in this area take centre stage, especially when he can do the dramatic so well. However, here is a vehicle for his funnybone to really shine. Improvising lines that have the cameramen corpsing, his Donk is a hopelessly loveable chancer who you just can’t but want to win out in the end.

A beast of its own, but with shades of ‘Marion and Geoff’ and ‘This Is Spinal Tap’, Le Donk is yet another example of why England should be very proud of Shane Meadows indeed. The fact that he did all this with barely £50,000 of his and his friends money, means he was more than worthy of the applause lauded on him when the credits rolled.