Was the Best Picture announcement fiasco Leonardo DiCaprio’s fault?

No matter how many times we watch it, the footage of La La Land mistakenly being announced as Best Picture doesn’t get any less cringe-inducing. Moonlight was a worthy winner indeed, but the gaunt, ‘oh shit what just happened’ faces all round will be etched into Oscars history.

But who was to blame? Warren Beatty has unfairly taken most of the flak – even though he immediately sensed that something was wrong when he opened the envelope – as has Faye Dunaway, who actually declared La La Land the victor to cover up for Beatty’s stalling. A stagehand who monitors the envelopes is the most likely candidate, but that hasn’t stopped film fans sticking the tin foil hat on and looking for a bigger scapegoat.

And that person is Leonardo DiCaprio. See, just moments before he presented Emma Stone with the award for Best Actress and he left the stage with the red envelope for that award on the night. Moments later, chaos ensued and now people reckon he had something to with it.

Some reckon it was an elaborate prank for his years of waiting for an Oscars of his own

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It may have been an honest mistake – presenters are known to hang on to the envelopes

Perhaps he was just doing his bit for the environment

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The theory quickly spread – but it was soon debunked after Emma Stone said she took the envelope backstage

But it was also confirmed that two envelopes exist for security purposes

So maybe he did slip it to Beatty? If so, Leo – well played

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