Here’s why there was no Marvel post-credits scene in ‘Logan’

As any Marvel fan will be able to tell you, the studios’ films always end with a sneak-peek of future stories in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, like tiny trailers. Just last November, Doctor Strange had two: one mid-credits scene believed to trail Doctor Strange’s involvement in 2017’s Thor: Ragnarok, and a post-credits scene suggesting there’ll be more to come in the Doctor Strange franchise.

The most recent Marvel release was Logan, the final film in the Wolverine franchise, and it’s a notably different affair from most Marvel movies. Set in 2029, it details the later-life struggles of Hugh Jackman’s adamantium-clawed fighter. It’s a character-driven piece that only unleashes its superpowers when absolutely necessary – it’s clearly not cut from the same cloth as movies like Captain America: Civil War or Deadpool. Still, some fans were shocked to find there was no mid- or post-credits sequence at the end of the film.

“That’s not how the best movies are going to get made… in any genre”

Speaking to the Toronto Sun over the weekend (March 5), director James Mangold has explained that his Marvel film eschewed the traditional post-credits sequences to honour the film’s maverick approach. “The only way we came out with a different movie was trying to do it differently,” he said. “So I was pretty fanatical about saying, If this is how these other movies are doing it, we’re going the other way.’ If there’s normally a cameo or an end-credit scene, we’re not doing that. That’s essentially turning it into a product that has to come out of the widget machine the same way every time and that’s not how the best movies are going to get made… in any genre.”


You get the sense Mangold probably isn’t going to be working with Marvel again any time soon, because he goes on: “The second it’s like, ‘Well, you’re supposed to serve cheesecake at the end of the meal,’ my response is, ‘Really? Is that the new rule? I can’t serve dinner at my house without cheesecake at the end?’ That’s a good enough reason not to do it. And really, what are those scenes but ads for another movie? We were trying to make a movie that begun and ended on its own terms. There was nothing else to say, because we had said it. I didn’t make Cop Land and put a post-credit scene in there. I didn’t make Walk the Line, and then after the credits put in one extra song with Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix.”

So there you have it: if you want post-credits ‘cheesecake’, look elsewhere…