Is This Photo A Clue To Star Wars Episode VIII’s Story?

Belated birthday wishes to Daisy Ridley – the Star Wars star turned 24 yesterday (April 10), and to celebrate, co-star Mark Hamill tweeted a picture of himself and Rey, taken about a week ago. In the picture, Ridley is carrying Hamill on her back, much like Hamill (as Luke Skywalker) carried his Jedi master, the diminutive Yoda, in Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back.

As anyone who has seen The Force Awakens will know, Rey and Luke end up together at the end of the film, which indicates that Rey will undergo a period of Jedi training with Luke in Episode VIII. This photo appears to confirm that suspicion, especially following Ridley’s recent comments that the next film in the new trilogy will be “darker”, just as Episode V was. See Hamill’s tweet and the original Yoda scene below:


Indeed, Pamela: that is the joke.

Of course, no Mark Hamill tweet would be complete without a load of random fan tributes. Take a look at some of the best here, starting with some classy Photoshop work:

There are also proper drawings:


This one’s a bit excessive:

And this one is downright disrespectful, although the Hoth setting is outside-the-box thinking:


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