Legs for days: fans are having fun with this anatomically awkward Sonic the Hedgehog poster

Who knew the positioning of a blue CGI hedgehog could cause this much controversy? When the new unofficial poster for the live action Sonic the Hedgehog movie surfaced across the internet a few days ago it had led a lot of people talking about that pose and ‘those legs’. And more specifically, the logistical nightmare of an actual human mimicking that pose. Basically, it’s Ariana-stool gate all over again.

In ‘Speedster’ fashion, the poster has since gone viral and the memers have come out to play, this time recreating the anatomically awkward pose displayed in the poster. Perhaps let’s call it the #SonicLegsChallenge?


Not exactly the Golden Gate Bridge but no shame in enjoying the comfort of your living room whilst watching anime.

Is this the part where someone needs remind the humans that the animated fictional hedgehog is, in fact, not real?


The barefoot approach. No blue skin, fur or red trainers but we love a good pedicure!

Yeah, they’ve cracked the code! Is anyone else wondering what everyone’s faces look like whilst doing this?

… This is something we will never be able to unsee.

On that note, great leg work everyone! So the next time you’re casually lounging on your sofa: remember Sonic the Hedgehog, remember this poster and remember not to skip leg day in the gym as otherwise you have no chance of recreating this. And prepare for the Insta likes to roll in.

Words: Andrea Arhagba

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