Oscars 2017: All the talking points from Jimmy Kimmel’s monologue to Best Picture chaos

The ceremony took place in Los Angeles tonight (February 26)

The 89th Academy Awards belonged to La La Land as predicted – well, mostly. It didn’t manage to break the record for the most awards won in a year and it didn’t even manage to win Best Picture, even though Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway announced that it had. It’s fair to say there was plenty of chaos, excitement and emotion tonight. Here are your Oscars 2017 talking points.

Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious opening monologue

When chat show host Kimmel was announced as host for this year’s ceremony, it was kind of underwhelming. But tonight he showed that it was a bold choice by the Academy to hire him in his opening monologue alone. He nailed the humour just right, bashing Trump without getting everyone too down in the dumps and slipping a joke about Best Picture nominee Moonlight in that was so x-rated it took the celebrity audience a minute to process what he’d just said.

An unexpected weepiest moment

Yeah, Viola Davis’ Best Supporting Actress acceptance speech was a tear-fest, but there was a moment prior to that that should have had you bawling your eyes out even more. Namely when former NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson, whose story is told in Best Picture nominee Hidden Figures, was brought on stage as the film’s stars Janelle Monae, Taraji P. Henson and Octavia Spencer prepared to present the award for Best Documentary. Johnson received a standing ovation while looking bemused in her wheelchair and it was hands down the most emotional moment of the night.

Suicide Squad is now an Oscar-winning movie

Who would have predicted that Suicide Squad, the much-criticised movie, would pick up an award at the Oscars? Not many, but it did just that tonight. Don’t worry, though, the prize wasn’t for anything to do with the actual plotline or acting. Instead, it won Best Make-Up And Hair Styling. You can’t really argue with that – from The Joker’s neon green hair and chalk white face to Harley Quinn’s red and blue palette, at the very least David Ayre’s film looked great.

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The stars turned up all wearing the same thing

No, there wasn’t a very awkward case of more than one actor showing up in the same outfit. A lot of the stars in attendance did turn up with the very same accessory as each other, though – a blue ribbon in support of the ACLU. Everyone from Lin-Manuel Miranda to Ruth Negga had them pinned to their outfits, showing their support for the organisation who are legally challenging Trump’s immigration ban.

Bus tour Gary stole the show

One of Kimmel’s between-awards gimmicks involved surprising tourists on a bus tour of Hollywood by fooling them into thinking they were being taken to an exhibition, but leading them into the room in the Dolby Theatre where the ceremony was taking place. The first unsuspecting tourist into room was a man called Gary, who took the opportunity with both hands, greeting every celebrity on the front row, getting a photo with Mahershala Ali and letting Denzel Washington marry him and his fiancée. He was a true delight and one of the absolute highlights of the night.

Ryan Gosling didn’t sing ‘City Of Stars’

The La La Land song was nominated for Best Original Song and, as is tradition for each nominee in that category, it was performed live during the ceremony. Sadly, Ryan Gosling didn’t step up to the mic or the piano, letting executive producer John Legend take those duties instead. Why, Gozzers, would you deprive us like this?

The constant ribbing of Matt Damon

Jimmy Kimmel really has an obsession with Matt Damon. Right from the get-go the host was digging at the actor, escalating his jabs throughout the night. It all came to a head when Damon joined Ben Affleck to present the award for Best Original Screenplay – any time he spoke, the orchestra would play the music usually reserved for when an acceptance speech is going on a little too long. It was soon revealed that Kimmel had nipped below the stage and was conducting the band. Cheeky.

Utter chaos during the Best Picture announcement

It all seemed so predictable – La La Land was announced as the winner of Best Picture and the world shrugged its shoulders. But then there was a moment of drama and chaos that was befitting of a ceremony celebrating at least the former. La La Land was not the winner. There had been a mistake and Moonlight had actually won. Guest presenters Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway tried to explain what had happened, but, right now, it’s still a mystery how something so important could go so wrong at what is one of the biggest awards ceremonies in the world. Truly bizarre.