Philomena Cunk just proved ‘Die Hard’ is a Christmas film with these undeniable reasons

The debate is finally settled thanks to the character

It’s an age old argument that, for some reason, gets people very riled up indeed. Is Die Hard a Christmas movie or not?

Earlier this year, Twitter uses furiously debated whether the Christmas Eve-set thriller starring Bruce Willis can be legitimately considered one. The discussion seems largely precipitated by the fact that Die Hard recently appeared on Netflix under the category ‘Festive Favourites’, and the main gripe seems to be that it’s just an action film that happens to be set at Christmas.

Now, Philomena Cunk, the comedic character played by Diane Morgan, has attempted to settle the argument once and for all. At the end of her Cunk On Christmas festive special, which aired earlier tonight (December 29), she ran through a list of reason why the thriller definitely deserves the Christmas film tag.


After calling it the “most Christmassy film of all time” and a “heartwarming yuletide tale full of the magic of Christmas”, she reeled off 10 factors of the film that prove her case. “It’s got everything she said”, and we’re beginning to think she’s right.

What makes it so festive, then? Well, according to Cunk, there’s “singing, a man up a chimney, warming yourself in front of roaring fire while the snow flutters down outside, brotherly love, cranberry sauce, excessive sherry drinking, season’s greetings, your dad conked out in a chair wearing a santa hat and his christmas jumper, angels majestically soaring through the air and, of course, Jesus Christ Powell.”

If you can’t work out which of her points relate to which bit of the movie then watch the visual aid on the show on the BBC iPlayer. You’ll want to head to around 27 minutes in. Prepare to have your mind blown.