Secret Cinema Goes Back To Its Roots With Its Latest Tell No-One Event

For those of you who attended the no-expense-spared productions of Back To The Future or Star Wars last summer, the latest offering from Secret Cinema is a bit different.

More in-keeping with the cinema company’s earlier events, London’s worst-kept secret has done a pretty good job of keeping this one under wraps.

On arriving at the secret location, dressed in the fighter pilot get-up of my pre-assigned character, I’m met with the usual enthusiastic RP actors in military attire. It’s a Friday night. I’m quite tired. But it doesn’t take long to get sucked into the proceedings.

Ushered through into a big compound, my fellow military men and women can be found marching in unison or sipping tea cocktails served from big silver canteens. ‘Journalists’ are running around on secret missions trying to bag the latest scoop. I settle for eating mac and cheese out of a mess tin and trying not to succumb to my inner cynic.

The attention to detail is, as always, impeccable with varied levels of involvement that will let you have a drink and a chat or go full-throttle immersive.

I didn’t guess the film until it was due to start. I wouldn’t take that as much of a guide though, I suspect that 80% of the guests knew exactly what was going on from mid-way through the evening.

I can’t profess to have loved the movie, probably because of aforementioned tiredness, but the live action to accompany it was as good as I’ve seen from the collective.

It’s a film that had been on my list to see for some time and despite the woman in front of me obstructing my vision with her oversized beehive (damn those super-fans), it was a thoroughly enjoyable evening. Secret Cinema’s Star Wars production made me well up with child-like glee. This didn’t have quite the same effect, but for a unique cinematic experience, nobody does it better.

Tickets for Secret Cinema: Tell No One are on sale here. It runs until 20/03/16.