Star Wars 8 – trailers, posters, and release date for The Last Jedi

"I only know one truth: it's time for the Jedi to end."

The Last Jedi, the next film in Star Wars‘ Skywalker saga, is now just five months away. Below you’ll find all the information you need to do with trailers, posters and release date – and we’ve also got you covered with cast info and news for Star Wars Episode 8. We’ll update this page with new information as and when we get it.

What’s The Last Jedi‘s release date?

December 14 in the UK and December 15 elsewhere.

That’s just five months until Luke Skywalker and Rey start kicking the First Order across the other side of the galaxy.

Have we seen a trailer?


Just one proper one so far: take a look below.

What happens in the trailer?

Let’s break it down step by step.

The slow first few scenes show Rey training on the remote island of Ahch-To: breathing heavily, standing alone, raising debris with the Force. Luke’s voice says: “Breathe: just breathe. Now reach out. What do you see?”

We then see Leia standing at a galactic star chart. Rey says: “Light.” Next we see the broken remains of what appears to be Darth Vader’s or Kylo Ren’s helmet. “Darkness,” Rey says.

Then we see the shot of an old tome with a lightsaber drawn on the front. “A balance,” says Rey. As she continues her lightsaber training on the island, Luke says: “It’s so much bigger”.


Now the trailer heats up. We see speeders crashing along the ground; Finn lying in some kind of recuperative cubicle; Poe and BB-8 rushing through to find an exploding X-Wing; the Millennium Falcon swooping in.

There’s a shot of Rey running with her lightsaber; Kylo Ren twisting his menacingly; Luke falling to his knees next to R2-D2 as Kylo Ren destroys what looks like his Jedi academy.

Then Luke says: “I only know one truth: it’s time for the Jedi to end.” And that’s it, for now.

Are there any more Star Wars 8 trailers?

At Disney’s D23 event in July 2017, a behind-the-scenes trailer was revealed, which shows the production process. In it we see the animatronics involved with some of the new creatures, we see glimpses of Laura Dern and Benicio Del Toro’s mysterious characters, and at the end the late Carrie Fisher says: “It’s about family. And that’s what’s so powerful about it.”

What are the posters like for Episode 8?

This was the first poster, pitting Luke against Kylo Ren.

The next set of trailers were dedicated to several characters. Here’s Leia’s:

Luke’s is here:

Here’s Finn’s one:

And Rey’s:


And Kylo Ren’s:

Does the primarily red colour scheme of the film it’s going to be a bloody one? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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