11 underrated Star Wars characters that deserve their own movie

There are a lot more spinoffs coming and these are the legendary characters we think deserve their own movie.

Star Wars spinoffs we know about so far have included a direct prequel to the original trilogy, Rogue One, and next summer’s Young Han Solo film. But Kathleen Kennedy, the president of Lucasfilm (which produces Star Wars) has recently discussed further spinoff films, teasing that Star Wars fans are “as much masters of this franchise as we are.” Leaks recently emerged about a Boba Fett film and an Obi Wan Kenobi film, but Kennedy added: “Theories that emerge are sometimes new ideas for us that we hear, read and pay attention to.” So here’s a few suggestions for Lucasfilm of the greatest spinoff ideas they might not have considered…

1. Kit Fisto

Who he is: Originally designed as a new Sith lord, Fisto was instead a tentacle-headed Jedi Master, of the waterfaring Nautolan species, and was seen in Attack of The Clones, The Clone Wars, and Revenge of the Sith (in which he is killed by the Emperor).
What we’d see: The early years of this underused fan-favourite, who is as effective above sea level as below it. And hopefully some better prosthetics than we saw in Attack of the Clones.
Why it’d be great: You’d get cool action in sea environments – which we’ve not really seen much of in Star Wars movies so far. And because Fisto is a cheerful Jedi with a good sense of humour, you’d  get none of that po-faced light-side/dark-side chat.
Likelihood: 4/10. Unless Disney could haul in a big-name actor to play Kit, they’d be unlikely to sell a huge movie on an obscure aquatic Jedi.

2. Delta Squad

Who they are: A squad of clone commandos, as featured in the 2005 game Star Wars: Republic Commando.
What we’d see: This movie would explore what happens when you put four Boba Fetts in a group and send them on missions. We’d see special operations going on during The Clone Wars, maybe with help from new Jedi faces.
Why it’d be great: A re-examination of the prequel series’ clone storyline would be interesting – possibly proving, as the game did, that clones don’t all have to be the same.
Likelihood: 5/10. Rogue One proved a Star Wars movie could work without relying too heavily on the Jedi/Sith dichotomy. Why not do it with a clone squad?

3. Darth Maul

Who he is: The emperor’s apprentice from The Phantom Menace, whom Obi-Wan Kenobi chopped in two.
What we’d see: Maul actually survived his ‘death’ in The Phantom Menace. He’s been used extensively as a basic baddie in the animated Clone Wars and Rebels series – he has cybernetic legs these days – but if he were featured more heavily in a standalone film, he could play an intriguing antihero. We might see his survival after his defeat by Kenobi, and then his dogged attempt to get back at the emperor as told in the Son of Dathomir comic miniseries.
Why it’d be great: Star Wars movies tend to focus on light-side Jedi struggling with temptation from the dark side. Darth Maul would flip the formula.
Likelihood: 6/10. The fact that Maul is such a recognisable Star Wars villain definitely stands in his favour, but he’s been so often used in the animated Star Wars series that Disney might be reluctant to retread that story on the big screen.

4. Captain Phasma

Who she is: High-ranking officer in the First Order, seen in The Force Awakens.
What we’d see: The early years of this formidable First Order military commander. We know absolutely nothing about her past, or how she joined the First Order.
Why it’d be great: A standalone movie would give us an insight into the makings of not just this kickass soldier, but also the First Order, and how the galaxy got into its ‘current’ state.
Likelihood: 2/10. From the standalone movies that have so far been announced, it’s clear Disney are going for stories that are relatively far away from the timeline of the trilogy begun by The Force Awakens. We’ll be waiting a while before we see this one.

5. Darth Traya

Who she is: Inscrutable Force-wielder featured in 2004’s Knights of The Old Republic II: The Sith Lords.
What we’d see:
The makings of this blind, Force-hating mystery.
Why it’d be great:
 Darth Traya, better known in KOTOR II as Kreia, is probably one of the most interesting and nuanced Star Wars characters ever written. A rude and dismissive former Jedi Master, she acts as a guide to the player throughout the game and, at the end, it’s revealed that she plans to destroy the Force. At this point she suddenly becomes the game’s main villain. A movie about her could chart her fall from light to darkness to, finally, her total peerless rejection of the Force. 
3/10. Resurrect a villain from an RPG game from 2004? Unlikely.

6. Ahsoka Tano

Who she is: Anakin Skywalker’s padawan, whom he trained in The Clone Wars. After being framed for a crime and being wrongly kicked out by the Jedi Order, she abandoned the Force – but she recently returned looking a lot like a Jedi in Rebels.
What we’d see: The intervening years between The Clone Wars and Rebels, during which time Ahsoka went into self-imposed exile and came out again. 
Why it’d be great: Because Ahsoka is a badass, and there’s a big gap in her timeline to fill, and Rosario Dawson wants to play her. It’s a no-brainer.
Likelihood: 7/10. Ahsoka’s story could definitely carry a whole movie,  but getting audiences acquainted with her story might be difficult, seeing as she’s only appeared in the animated series. Still, Saw Gerrera made the leap from animation to live-action with 2016’s Rogue One, so it’s not impossible.

7. Chirrut îmwe

Who he is: Rogue One‘s Force-sensitive fighter, played by the legendary Donnie Yen.
What we’d see: The early years of Chirrut and his friend Baze Malbus, as they go about kicking the First Order’s ass and revealing more of Snoke’s origins.
Why it’d be great: The above GIF should cover it. 
Likelihood: 3/10. Like Phasma, it’d be a bit soon to start looking into this character’s origins.

8. Galen Marek / Starkiller

Who he is: Darth Vader’s secret apprentice – as seen in the videogame Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
What we’d see: It’d be simple enough to adapt the events of this game for screen: as a child, Marek is stolen by Vader and trained to assassinate Jedi after the end of Order 66. Over the course of his game he assassinates several Jedi Masters, until he starts to think for himself – at which point he helps with the foundation of the Rebel Alliance. 
Why it’d be great: Because it’d be filled with brilliant and memorable action sequences.
Likelihood: 6/10. It’s a good story, but Disney would probably want to make a whole series about Starkiller. And the existing material for that isn’t much good: the storyline in The Force Unleashed II was terrible.

9. Mace Windu

Who he is: Jedi Master killed by the Emperor in Revenge of The Sith.
What we’d see:
His early years, obviously.
Why it’d be great:
Because Mace Windu is cool. More Mace Windu, please.
8/10. Open goal, this one.

10. IG-88

Who it is: Assassin droid and rival of Boba Fett, hired by Darth Vader in The Empire Strikes Back. 
What we’d see: IG-88’s crazy backstory: the fact that it created three other identical droids to plan a coup that would eventually make all droids turn on their masters. This movie would probably follow the opposition, though.
Why it’d be great: We still haven’t seen a substantial story about an evil droid in Star Wars films. This film might be something like what happens after Ex Machina ends. Brutal.
Likelihood: 1/10. A movie about a robot? Might be a step too far.

11. Jar Jar Binks