‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ – the biggest takeaways from the trailer

It's happening

Earlier this morning, the first full trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released to the masses. Director Rian Johnson warned fans not to watch the trailer, but that sure didn’t stop them.

It is a bombastic and dizzying watch. We get the first look at some baddies, see Luke Skywalker return back to the fold and get a taster of the no doubt tear-jerking farewell to the departed Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia. There’s a lot going on so let’s unpack some of the trailer’s most important moments.

Luke’s back – and he’s scared AF


Luke returning has been known since the end of the previous film The Force Awakens and we know that he’s been training up Rey (Daisy Ridley) on his island. “I’ve only seen this raw strength once before, it didn’t scare me enough then, it does now” he says, looking pretty spooked. But it’s not entirely sure who’s he’s talking about. We can assume that he’s referring to Rey’s “raw strength” which is the previous scenes leading up to it, looks mighty strong. But is the power he’s seen before his father, Darth Vader, or his former pupil Kylo Ren (Adam Driver)?

Logic would assume that he’s talking about Kylo Ren, seeing as the quote is overlaid with scenes of the destruction of his templar by Kylo – which prompted his self-exile. But does Rey’s raw power frighten him in a good way or a bad way? Will he reject Rey when he sees that her power is also uncontrollable? Lots to unpack here, and the trailer is just the tipping point for what appears to be The Last Jedi’s big theme.

Supreme Leader Snoke is finally here – but who was he talking about?

Snoke haunted the first film – via the medium of hologram – but The Last Jedi gave us a first proper look at his ghastly face. Here, look at it.

Emperor Snoke in Star Wars

Towards the start of the trailer, Snoke is heard saying “I saw raw untamed power, and beyond that something truly special” – with a shot of Kylo Ren picking up a lightsaber following soon after. Star Wars trailers are always about misdirection – so he could be talking about Rey, not Ren. We know that Rey and Snoke have some kind of showdown judging by this scene and this conversation could feature in their showdown.

Kylo Ren and Rey could be planning a truce


In the trailer’s last scene shows Rey says to Kylo Ren “I need someone, to show me my place in all this”, to which Ren extends his hand. Will the pair put aside their differences to defeat the common evil – Snoke, perhaps? Hard to say, but it wouldn’t be completely out of character. Ren has shown pangs of guilt in the The Force Awakens and does so again when he appears to have second thoughts about blowing up Princess Leia’s ship.


Should Ren decide to perform a similar U-Turn to his idol, Darth Vader, it would fit the franchise’s tendency for redemption stories. But it could just be the cheeky editing that Rian Johnson appeared to warn us about,

Finn could have a smaller role

Judging by Finn’s appearances in the trailer – which is basically limited to a battle scene with Phasma towards the end – it appears that Finn may not feature in the same capacity as the first. Which isn’t a massive surprise. The Last Jedi looks to follow the similar vibes of The Empire Strikes Back, which means that the story will focus heavily on the master, tutee storyline of Luke and Rey.

The new creatures look cute as shit

Look at this! Porgs and Chewie doing their thang!


An ice fox!


Yeah, the new sidekicks/creatures look well suited to slot in with fan faves BB8, R2-D2 and Chewie.