Star Wars Vs The Beatles

Alcohol is good for many things. If it wasn’t for alcohol I’d probably, no scratch that, definitely still be a virgin. Hell I may not have even talked to a member of the opposite sex if it hadn’t been for beer, wine and whiskey.

Alcohol is also good for making up stupid little geeky games. If you are a stupid little geek. And so it came to pass a few weeks ago that a friend entered the pub in a T-shirt with Stormtroopers replicating the ‘Abbey Road’ album cover and our evening was set.



I think the conversation went like this.

Me: “Nice T-shirt”.
Neil: “Thanks”.
Lewis: “Ha. Jabba Road”.
Suze: “That’s awful.”
Mark: “I wanna hold your Han.”
Me: “That’s Brilliant.”

A few hours later, once music lovers’ part of our brains and the full-scale nerd parts of our brains had been spent, the contributions looked like this:

‘Fett It Be’
‘When I’m Sith dee Four’
‘A Hard Day’s (Jedi) Knight’
‘Can’t Buy Padme Love’
‘Ob-la-di, Obi-Wan’
‘Baby It’s Chew’
‘R-Two Of Us’
‘From Shmi To You’
‘We Can Ewok It Out’
‘Anakin My Life’
‘Fool On the Hamill’

And for the real geeks:

‘Here Comes The Twin Sun(s) of Tatooine’
‘Max Rebo’s Silver Hammer’
‘Being For The Benefit of Mr. Kit! (Fisto)’


We may even start a band with Maul, Lando, Han and Lucas. (I know the Han/John thing is a stretch, as is the Lando/Ringo, but hats off for the Lucas thing surely?!).

And there you have it, my geek soul bared. Now that this is in the public forum I don’t know if I’ll ever get laid ever again. No matter how much alcohol I, or they, ingest.

Still it was great fun listening to ‘The Beatles’ and looking up ‘Star Wars’ on the net for ‘research’. To make me feel like less of a loser, post your own puns below.