Stephen King’s ‘It’ trailer – the funniest reactions to 2017’s terrifying Pennywise

The 1990 TV adaptation of It was an iconic horror two-parter, but the new cinematic adaptation of Stephen King’s novel looks like it could imbue a whole new generation with coulrophobia. The trailer for Stephen King’s It Part One: Loser’s Club was released on March 29 and the reaction to its killer clown has been a mix of intense, and intensely funny.

The story of It is set in 1980s Derry, Maine, and it’s about the reappearance of a mysterious evil known as ‘It’, who appears in the guise of Pennywise the Clown (Bill Skarsgård). We get several decent glimpses of the new Pennywise in the teaser for the first instalment of the story, Losers Club, and he seems to like hanging out in the sewers. The reaction from most of internet can mainly be summed up with the below GIF from the trailer, but there are plenty of comedians out there too…


Some people are trivialising Pennywise:

Alessia Cara is sad that she has to get spooked every time she watches a YouTube video:

This guy never wants to see it again:


Josh Macuga notes that the sewers belong to Pennywise now:

And then, of course, there are all the GIFs…

Meanwhile, comedian Avery Edison rightly asks where all the women are:

Check out the trailer in full below: