How Old Were The Actors In Your Favourite Teen Movies?

Rarely in their teens, that's how old. Ages based on those on the date of the film's original release.

Following the release of Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life on Friday, nostalgia levels have been running high among millennials. Though reviews of the revival series have been mixed, and professional nice guy Paul has been unfairly slated, the familiar safety blanket of Stars Hollow has been a fuzzy antidote to the awkward stateside Thanksgiving dinners. Because what we like as a teen stays with us forever, even if said thing was, in retrospect, quite shit.

Perhaps this explains the continued love of all teen movies, with their predictable and sketchy scripts, poor characterisation, and career launching potential. (With the exception of Mean Girls, which stays relevant by being the best movie ever). Teen movies were aspirational. Whilst you settled for an awkward snog during a game of spin the bottle in a dimly lit park, the teens in these movies were only a few years older but light years ahead in personal experience. They had homecomings and raging house parties and sexy convertibles. How were they all so acne-free, perfectly coiffed, and socially functional?

But the key to great adolescent skin is actually quite simple. Just wait until you’re an adult, like all the actors in these teen movies. There are basically no ‘teen actors’ younger than 17. Olivia Newton-John was 29 when Grease was released. Which makes it even more astonishing that it took her so long to burn the poodle skirt.