The 50 Greatest Music Movies Ever?

In the spirit of ‘High Fidelity’ (that film where they like making lists, amongst other things) we’ve compiled… A LIST.

More specifically, a list of films that we love.

To mark the launch of NME.COM’s new movies section (more on that in a moment), we’ve compiled our 50 favourite music movies in a celebration of rockumentaries, biopics, great soundtracks and well, films that music fans should want to watch over and over.

Our new movies section is going to be bringing NME.COM readers daily movie news, reviews of the cinema and DVD releases that matter, opinionated blogging, plus the very best trailers, video interviews and exclusive movie clips.

Music is still the beating heart of what we do at NME.COM, but in response to your feedback, plus the success of this little movies blog which has been running for some time now, we’ve decided to up the ante and write more about films.

Great movies are, after all, one of life’s sweeter moments – which is why they have featured in NME magazine consistently over the years – from 2009’s lengthy Watchmen feature, to way back when the magazine featured them every week with Mark Kermode cutting his teeth as our main reviewer.

But, back to the list. After much hair-pulling, squabbling and throwing of popcorn, we eventually reduced five full decades of rock ‘n’ roll film-making to a final 50. Boy, was it tricky. But fun.

So, much to my personal annoyance, Led Zeppelin’s The Song Remain The Same just missed the cut. As did David LaChappelle’s energetic ‘Rize’ and 2002’s stunning ‘Donnie Darko’. But that’s the nature of the beast – this list was compiled by a dozen NME staff and we hope that you relish digging through it as much as we enjoyed fighting over it.

Let us know below what we missed, what would have made your Top 10, or even if you think we’ve just about nailed it in the Comments below.

Then go watch ‘High Fidelity’…