‘Eternals’: release date, cast, plot and everything we know so far

Arriving in cinemas later this year...

A whole new era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe was unveiled back in 2019, when Marvel revealed its Phase Four plans at the San Diego Comic Con.

One of the most exciting takeaways from the reveal was Eternals. Based on a comic book first written by Jack Kirby in 1976, the film will introduce “an exciting new team of Super Heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years.”

With Phase Four kicking into gear, here’s everything we know so far about the film, from a provisional release date to trailers, plot, cast and beyond.


The MCU is preparing to kick on from the global success of ‘Avengers: Endgame’. Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Who are the Eternals?

Eternals is based on a comic book written by Jack Kirby for Marvel which began in 1976. Set millions of years in the past, it sees powerful aliens called The Celestials experiment on humans. While doing so, they create a race of superhumans known as the Eternals and a second villainous race, The Deviants.

The Eternals and The Deviants battle each other throughout history, as well as warring Gods from ancient Greek, Norse and Roman mythologies. Later, the Eternals leave Earth to explore other planets.

According to a synopsis, Eternals will frame “an exciting new team of Super Heroes in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years.”

Eternals release date: when is the film coming out?

As announced upon the Phase Four MCU unveiling, Eternals was meant to hit cinemas on November 6, 2020 – but the coronavirus pandemic means the blockbuster will be released on November 5, 2021.

Eternals trailer: is there a teaser yet?

The first teaser was released on May 24, 2021, showcasing each of the new heroes as Salma Hayek’s Ajak declares: “Throughout the years we have never interfered, until now.”


The final trailer for the film was released on August 19th. The extended promo reveals key details about the heroes’ origins, what stopped them from engaging in the war with Thanos, and why they must reunite in order to save mankind from the deviants.

Eternals cast: who is in the new film?

Angelina Jolie is set to lead the cast, playing “fierce warrior” Thena. Discussing her role, Jolie said she would work “twice as hard” on the project as she realised “how important it is to be part of the MCU”.

Joining Jolie in the film are Kumail Nanjiani as “the cosmic-powered Kingo”, Gemma Chan as “humankind-loving Sersi” and Salma Hayek as “the wise and spiritual leader Ajak”.

Speaking of the diverse cast for the film, Nanjiani said: “I was on set shooting, and the director showed me just a still of all of us together in the scene… We all look so different. It’s me and [Ma Dong-seok, who will play Gilgamesh] and Salma Hayek and Angelina Jolie and Gemma Chan and Lauren Ridloff. You don’t ever get to see people like this together in the same room, let alone in awesome superhero costumes.”

Marvel The Eternals cast
Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, Richard Madden, Lia McHugh, Angelina Jolie, Don Lee and Lauren Ridloff of Marvel Studios’ ‘The Eternals’ at the San Diego Comic-Con International 2019. Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Eternals is directed by Oscar-winner Chloe Zhao (Nomadland, Songs My Brother Taught Me, The Rider), and is written by brothers Matthew and Ryan Firpo.

Plot details: what is going to happen in Marvel’s new movie?

Eternals reveals will take place after the events of Avengers: Endgame. Revealing the first glimpses of a plot, the description says: “An unexpected tragedy forces [the Eternals] out of the shadows to reunite against mankind’s most ancient enemy, The Deviants.”

The film will see the titular immortal alien race created by the Celestials come together to protect humanity from the Deviants.

Eternals will also be the first MCU film to feature a same-sex kiss and openly gay couple. Speaking to NewNowNext, actor Haaz Sleiman, who will play Phastos’ husband, has talked about the two characters’ relationship.

“I’m married to the gay superhero Phastos, played by Atlanta’s Brian Tyree Henry, and we represent a gay family and have a child,” he explained.

“It’s a beautiful, very moving kiss. Everyone cried on set. For me, it’s very important to show how loving and beautiful a queer family can be.

“Brian Tyree Henry is such a tremendous actor and brought so much beauty into this part, and at one point I saw a child in his eyes, and I think it’s important for the world to be reminded that we in the queer community were all children at one point. We forget that because we’re always depicted as sexual or rebellious; we forget to connect on that human part.”

The Eternals
Barry Keoghan, Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani and the cast of Marvel’s ‘The Eternals’. Credit: Getty

Marvel boss Kevin Feige previously dropped some hints about what we could expect from the plot of Eternals, telling Collider: “Eternals are one group, but we like the idea of introducing an ensemble, doing an ensemble movie from the start, as opposed to building up as we did with the first Avengers. More like Guardians, not tonally, but in terms of introducing a new group of people.

“You were asking about ’60s, and ’70s before. Jack Kirby did an immense, amazing epic with Eternals that spans tens of thousands of years, and that’s also something we haven’t really done, which is why that among many other things post-Endgame, we find appealing.”

The Eternals will follow the events of ‘Avengers: Endgame’

Eternals star Kumail Nanjiani has called the film “the most epic” Marvel movie yet in an interview, hinting at a truly unique new chapter for the MCU.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, the actor said: “It’s really, really an epic. And it’s really such a science-fiction story. It’s a superhero story but, in some ways, it’s the most sci-fi of all the Marvel movies and it’s the most epic of all the Marvel movies.

“And the story spans thousands of years. So it’s really not like any of the other Marvel movies.”

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