The Informant! A Licky Boom Boom Down…Or Something

“Informer, you no say that’s who I’m gonna blame, A licky boom boom down / Detective man said Daddy Snow I stabbed someone down the lane, a licky boom boom down.”

That’s right ‘Snow:The Biopic’ hits screens this week, and with it all opening weekend box office records will be smashed.


Of course not, it’s really Steven Soderbergh and the good one from Affleck and Damon going all shouty with the use of exclamation marks in order to make their film stand out. No need, you guys rock!

When his corn-making company falls behind its competitors in lycine production, biochemist Mark Whitacre comes forward with the knowledge that someone is sabotaging their company. Once the FBI is called in Whitacre suddenly decides to turn whistleblower on a whole host of company secrets, but is this just to cover his own (surprisingly podgy) backside?

Director Soderbergh appears to be a big fan of the ‘one for you’, ‘one for me’, style of film-making. So for every big, starry, money-maker like the ‘Ocean’s’ films he’ll go off and make low budget, minimalist efforts like ‘Bubble’ and ‘The Girlfriend Experience’. ‘The Informant’, with its A-list actor and scaled down production seems to be stuck somewhere in the middle.

As does the success of the film. You may figure out what’s going on fairly early but that never really detracts from the fun watching a wonderfully naive man falling into a self-made grave. The grave itself is complimented well by a rambling voiceover from (the quite excellent) Damon. As he confabulates on everything in his life from steam rising in an indoor swimming pool, to how his hands are his favourite part of his body, his inner monologue is the source of most of the funnies.

But it’s only ever funny without ever being hilarious. Interesting without being immersive. Good but never great. Whilst not as consistent as most of their previous efforts, ‘The Informant’ is still a fun tale told well. And what other movie this year features both Dr. Sam Beckett and Biff Tannen. Yeah that’s right, none!

And for those that couldn’t get enough of my hi-hi-hilarious opening, I found this whilst “researching” The Informer by Snow. Music and film together in perfect harmony…