‘The Invisible Man’: release date, cast, plot, trailer and everything we know so far

When can you "see" him in cinemas?

There is a reason H.G. Wells is known as the ‘father of science fiction’. From The Time Machine to The War of the Worlds, the acclaimed writer’s books have always been ripe for dramatisation in film and TV, capturing the imaginations of every sci-fi and horror fanboy. His 1897 novel, The Invisible Man, is the next story audiences can see on the big screen.

In light of Universal Pictures’ failed project Dark Universe, the studio has been forced to change tact in relation to their horror films. In early 2017, the studio was set to compete directly against Marvel Studios with their own shared cinematic universe, featuring characters from their classic Universal Monsters film series such as Dracula, Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde and The Mummy. Johnny Depp was set to front the fledgling movie franchise as The Invisible Man. However, with the critical and box office disappointment of the series’ first entry, 2017’s The Mummy starring Tom Cruise, Universal’s Dark Universe imploded.

The Invisible Man
Elizabeth Moss in ‘The Invisible Man’. Credit: Universal Pictures


Enter Hollywood’s current horror maestro: Jason Blum. The Halloween and The Purge producer has been open about working on projects based on the Universal Monsters characters and is lead producer on 2020’s adaptation of The Invisible Man.

Wells’ The Invisible Man depicts Griffin, a gifted scientist who becomes invisible due to one of his experiments, then grows increasingly unhinged and murderous in his attempts to reverse the situation. Writers have opted for a loosely modern adaptation of Wells’ original tale, less inter-connected than the mythology of Dark Universe. Here is everything you need to know about The Invisible Man.

The Invisible Man release date: when can I “see” him?

Execs must be feeling confident about their latest flick as they’ve pushed forward its release date by a whole month. The Invisible Man now hits cinemas on February 28, 2020.

The Invisible Man trailer: is there a trailer yet?

Indeed there is. The official trailer aired in November 2019, racking up more than five million views on YouTube. Check it out below.


The Invisible Man cast: who is in this modern take on the horror classic?


Elisabeth Moss fronts the Jason Blum-produced adaptation of The Invisible Man. Recent performances in Hulu’s The Handmaid’s Tale and last year’s Us, also produced by Blum, illustrate Moss’ success at playing darker roles.

But who actually is The Invisible Man? The Haunting of Hill House actor, Oliver Jackson- Cohen, is set to play the iconic role. No stranger to bumps in the night and on the screen, Jackson-Cohen will no doubt terrify audiences as the modernised Dr Adrian Griffin.

Storm Reid is also on the roster, following her performance in the acclaimed HBO hit Euphoria, which continues her string of successes on both the big and small screen. Aldis Hodge, star of Straight Outta Compton and Hidden Figures, is also on board and plays her father and friend to Moss’ Cecilia.

The Invisible Man plot: what’s going to happen in this remake?

Playing the widow to a sociopathic scientist, Moss’ Cecilia Kass inherits a fortune from her deceased husband who she suspects may still be alive. When a series of unexplainable and deadly events take place, Cecilia attempts to save her loved ones as well as her sanity. You know the drill!