This ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ meme is hilarious and heartbreaking

WARNING: Major spoilers.

We’re going to say it: Avengers Infinity War contains the single most heartbreaking scene that the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever created.

The now-iconic moment comes at the end of the film when Thanos has successfully got his big purple mitts on all six infinity stones, and he’s started turning half the world into a tragic pile of dust.

As that very fate befalls Peter Parker, we’re punched right in the feels as he literally crumbles in the arms of beloved mentor Tony Stark. “I don’t feel so good”, he helplessly remarks before poetically croaking it.


The scene caused us to unleash long dirty tears straight into our vat of overpriced popcorn, and you’re a damn liar if it didn’t cause you to do the same. That said, there’s still something undeniably funny about the very idea of turning to dust – especially when we know that Parker is probably going to be resurrected in time for the forthcoming Spider-Man sequel.

With this in mind, we give you the “I Don’t Feel So Good” meme, which has seen Twitter unleashing a healthy dose of comic brilliance to give the Thanos treatment of some of our most beloved famous faces.

We were big fans of The Chuckle Brothers back in their ’90s heyday. Thanos, it would seem, is not.

Thanos also doesn’t like Steamed Hams

RIP Patrick. Sweet, sweet Patrick.

Well, of course.


And Thanos knows that there’s only room in town for one colourful bald bloke.

But for many, it was still all too raw.

RIP to all our fallen heroes. Here’s hoping you make your return in Avengers 4.