Three Big Things In Movie-Land This Week

Film Of The Week
This week the comedy about a couple dealing with their relationship, set to acoustic guitar singer/songwriter tunes and featuring ‘quirky’ character actors is ‘Away We Go’. Now it may seem that after ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ and ‘Adventureland’, my championing of twee indie fare is getting slightly out of control, but ‘Away We Go’ is such a warm-heated gem of a movie it’s not only film of the week but a strong contender for my favourite of the year.

An antidote to the bleakness of Sam Mendes’ last film, ‘Revolutionary Road’, you’d be forgiven for thinking this is ‘Juno’ with adults. And while most may not see that as an insult, the truth is this is far superior, grown up movie-making, about trying to make it as an adult. Anyone aware of the wonderful ‘American Office’ will have already fallen in love with John Krasinski and new-comer Maya Rudolph is a revelation as his counterpart. Ignore the cynic in you and you’ll be left with a fuzzy feeling for days on end. With soundbites like that it won’t be long before someone puts me on a film-poster.

In The News
If you’ve managed to swim through the ‘Ghost’ jokes and emerge still feeling a little upset that Patrick Swayze has passed on then good for you. For while he wasn’t a superstar, or an Award winning actor, parts of his CV will make most movie fans smile.


‘Dirty Dancing’ and ‘Road House’ are two perfect examples of ‘her and his’ movies, ‘Point Break’ is a ridiculously good film and when lists of the best movie peados are compiled (when is this ever likely to happen?!) The Swayz’s turn in ‘Donnie Darko’ should definitely make the top 5. So fare thee well Patrick.

New Trailer
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha this film looks stupid! But it’s got Idris Elba in it and I fucking love him so I don’t care. While the rest of the cast may be made up of people who are yet to be able to put ‘actor’ on their CV without falling foul of the trade descriptions act (Paul Walker, Hayden Christensen, Chris Brown) the mere sight of Stringer Bell in a suit talkin’ all Lan-dan just made me a go a big rubbery one.

I’m not sure what bit is the most ludicrous, the slo-mo ‘walking away from the exploding helicopter’ or the ‘blowing a hole in the street to get your truck away’? All I’m saying is this seems like a perfect leave your brain at the door, action/heist film. And once again, It’s got Idris Elba in it!!!

What are your thoughts on the above? Anything I’ve missed in movie-land this week? All words will be lovingly read.