Tom Hanks just proved he’s the perfect drinking buddy at the Golden Globes

Award winner and absolute hero

Award season is well and truly underway, and last night it was the turn of the Golden Globes. It was a huge night, with big wins for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Lady Bird, and Big Little Lies, Tommy Wiseau finally getting his moment on stage and moving moments of solidarity from women across the industry with the Time’s Up campaign.

But one man who may not have won any awards but instead won the Internet’s heart was none other than acting legend Tom Hanks. If we had any doubt that the star was an absolute boy and the perfect person to kick back and enjoy a pint with, that’s been totally eliminated.

In the first advert break Hanks was snapped at the bar getting the bevs in early.

But was he just getting a single drink? Was he fuck. Being the all round nice guy and international treasure that he is, Hanks was obviously getting the round for his entire table. Borrowing a tray he took his round of martinis over to his table, showing off his mad waiter skills and not spilling a single one.

“But who was he getting drinks for?” I hear you cry? Only his pal Steven Spielberg, obviously.

And people are loving Hanks doing what we would all do – not bothering to wait for table service and getting the pints (/martinis) in yourself.

God bless you Tom Hanks, make mine a mojito for the Oscars.