The ‘screamed trailer’ Twitter account is 2018’s first great mood

Comedy genius

It’s rare for internet jokes to capture something truly potent, but @laterchalamet’s screamed trailers aren’t just any old internet joke. Over the past few days, the fan account dedicated to the Oscar-nominated Call Me By Your Name and Lady Bird star Timothée Chalamet has released two reworked trailers for these films in which all dialogue and music is, for whatever reason, screamed word for word. It’s hilarious, obviously – and it’s accordingly gone viral – but it’s also strangely artistic, like an emblem of 2018’s constant fever-pitch.

Not only do the two films trailer-screamed by @laterchalamet star Chalamet, they’re also two extremely dialogue-heavy movies that have been praised for their subtlety and warmth. The edits made by @laterchalamet are like a wrecking ball made of comedy gold, aggressively amplifying them into absurdity – but somehow they emerge on the other side of this treatment with a gorgeous new layer of hilarity. Try to contain yourself when the hushed screaming of Sufjan Steven’s ‘Mystery of Love’ kicks in halfway through the Call Me By Your Name trailer. It’s genius.

Here’s the Lady Bird trailer:

And here’s the Call Me By Your Name trailer:

(Yes, @laterchalamet is aware of the typo in the title:)

We will, of course, keep this page updated with any more screamed-trailer masterpieces.