TV On The Radio’s Tunde Turns Actor

Everyone knows of the hysterical end-product when an actor decides that they want to be a singer, or in the case of Joaquin Pheonix a hip-hop star. But what about the other way round? For every Bjork there is a Madonna, for every Marky Mark a Jon Bon Jovi.

Rachel Getting Married
TV On The Radio’s Tunde Adebimpe (right) stars in ‘Rachel Getting Married’

New in cinemas this week is romantic drama ‘Rachel Getting Married’, which sees another music man put down the mic and pick up the script in the form of TV On The Radio frontman Tunde Adebimpe.


He gives a performance as good as anyone else in the film, and considering the impossibly lovely Anne Hathaway has just been nominated for an Academy Award, that’s pretty good praise. Some make it. Others don’t. Below is a list of the good, the bad and the ugly.

The Good

Bjork – ‘Dancer In The Dark’
The Icelandic singer fully deserved her Best Actress Award at the 2000 Cannes Film Festival. Utilising her heartbreaking voice and fragility, as well as her maternal instincts, Bjork put in a performance so strong that even one of the bleakest films Lars Von Trier ever made (and that’s pretty fucking bleak) is worth watching over and over again.

Will Smith – ‘Ali’
For quite some time Big Willy was not a television and film actor, just a music star. Then came along ‘Ali’ and Mr. Smith showed that when he put his all into something he cared about he could take on anyone. Repeating the feat with ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ and the recent ‘Seven Pounds’ it’s now hard to think of him doing anything else bar acting the hell out of everyone else on screen.

David Bowie – ‘The Prestige’
With almost 200 soundtrack credits to his name Ziggy had already put his stamp on all things celluloid but with seminal performances in cult films ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’ and ‘Labyrinth’ he put his androgynous face up on the silver screen for all to see. With ‘The Prestige’ David Bowie showed once again he could hold his own with the cream of cinematic actors in the form of Christian Bale and Micheal Caine. He was pretty good at playing Bowie in ‘Zoolander’ too.


Tom Waits – ‘Short Cuts’
While not quite as prolific an actor as some others on this list the gravel-voiced troubadour still managed to stand up tall in a Robert Altman film. Considering the late Altman is without doubt the ‘actor’s director’ that’s some acclaim. Soon to be seen with Heath Ledger in ‘The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus’, he certainly has the face for a Terry Gilliam Movie.

Method Man – ‘The Wire’
Is M-E-T-H-O-D Man here just so I can make my obligatory ‘Wire’ reference? Surprisingly, Clifford actually makes the list on talent and wise choices. While starring in the greatest television show of all time would usually be enough to secure some ink from yours truly, adding the titties speech in ‘Garden State’ and a menacing performance in ‘The Wackness’ means MM’s turn as Calvin “Cheese” Wagstaff does not stand alone. We’ll forget about ‘Meet the Spartans’ though.

The Bad

Madonna – ‘Swept Away’
Where to start with Madge? Well actually the earlier you start the better things are. ‘Desperately Seeking Susan’ and ‘Dick Tracy’ earmarked her as not as huge a fool as some would think. Then came ‘Evita’, firmly putting people into two camps, those who thought she may actually be the mother of Christ and those who thought Satan was taking his work too seriously. The latter would prove history was on their side when Guy Ritchie swept his wife on to a desert island to make a home movie not even the family would begrudgingly sit through.

Jennifer Hudson – ‘Dreamgirls’
The Academy may make mistakes on occasion but never was that clearer when they gave out an Oscar to Jennifer Hudson. A performance so grating on the soul that every other good facet in the film (including a more than adequate turn by Bouncy Knowles) was overshadowed by histrionics of the kind normally reserved for Italian footballers. And me watching the new president give a speech.

The Ugly

Billy Ray Cyrus – ‘Mulholland Dr.’
Give up Billy. Give up on music, film and having kids. Give up on eating, breathing and living. Just give up.