Twilight Eclipse – We Interview The Cast

Eclipse, the latest instalment in the Twilight movie saga, has been dividing opinion, not least in the NME office.

James McMahon gave it a guardedly positive review, noting: “It’s got spirit and it’s got laughs.”

However, Luke Lewis poured scorn on the Twi-Hards, claiming he’d rather “drive a stake through [his] heart” than sit through the latest film in the series.

In the run-up to the film’s release we also quizzed some of the cast members. Here’s a few of them giving their thoughts on Muse, M.I.A. and the other bands on the Eclipse soundtrack.

Here’s an interview with a couple of werewolves (Boo Boo Stewart and Alex Meraz to be precise).

Cast members Nikki Reed (aka vampire Rosalie Hale) and Kellan Lut (Emmett Cullen) talk about their mental fans.

And here’s Xavier Samuel (aka vampire Riley Biers) and Ashley Greene (Bella’s friend Alice Cullen), talking about training for the movie, performing stunts, and Twilight Eclipse‘s darker tone.