Watch The Transformers Ruin Your Favourite Movies

Escaping the confines of Michael ‘BLOW IT UP! BLOW IT ALL UP! MUHAHAHA!’ Bay’s series of blockbuster robot films, a hilarious new video from Funny Or Die hit the net this week cleverly cutting footage from the ‘Transformers’ movies to make it look like they’ve given some beloved movies unexpected and destructive plot twists. Not the kind of city-destroying mechanoids you want driving your mum to the airport, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee and co turn up uninvited to rain buckets of Bayhem on all kinds of movie favourites in the clip, from ‘Forest Gump’ to ‘Titanic’ to recent cancer comedy ’50/50′. Tom Cruise gets annihilated in the celebrated Tom Petty sing-along scene from ‘Jerry Maguire’, the Titanic meets an even more disastrous fate when Autobots are allowed near it, while it’s Decepticon versus baby duck in a David Attenborough-voiced charmingly English nature doc gone awry. Check it out below.