What a feline: the best memes from the baffling new ‘Cats’ trailer

The weirdly human cats are back and the internet's confused again

When the first Cats trailer came out in July, the internet lost its shit. And quite right too. The first look at Tom Hooper’s big-screen adaptation of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical was most baffling for its innovative-slash-bizarre use of CGI and weirdly human-like cats in high heels, and, in Judi Dench’s case, the creation of a cat who wears a coat made of cat fur worn on top of their already existing cat fur. Odd.

The second trailer was released earlier this week and does absolutely nothing to lessen the weirdness. While the first had more of a performance element, the second shows you what the cats (played by Taylor Swift, Idris Elba and more) get up to elsewhere, and it’s just as disconcerting.


As with the first Cats trailer, the new preview has sent the internet into overdrive. And just like after the release of the equally terrifying live-action Sonic earlier this year, the on-point memes have come pouring out.

One of the most disturbing revelations from the second trailer is Idris Elba’s exceedingly strange CGI cat body. Let’s just say it hasn’t gone down brilliantly. One fan even says the unthinkable, suggesting that Cats is “the first film to make Idris Elba look not sexy”. Huge.


Other highlights, if you can call them that, include more footage of the feline Taylor Swift, which raises a fair few questions. She’s the only cat that wears shoes – high heels, of course – and just look at that finger fur.

Yet more memes are rolling in, mostly ridiculing these weird, human-like cats that we still can’t quite figure out. God knows what will happen to Twitter when the full movie comes out…


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