Scrawny Chewbacca, gnome Yoda and three other oddities on show at ‘Star Wars: Identities’

On Friday (November 18) the Star Wars: Identities exhibition opened at London’s O2, and it’s choc-a-bloc with things you probably never knew about the Star Wars universe. As well as the exhibition itself is the participatory ‘Identities’ element where you can build your own Star Wars character from the bottom up (we got a Nautolan Jedi named Joran). You can see the first part of the experience below: you get a wristband, swipe it against 10 consoles dotted throughout the exhibition and make your own story through the interactive elements, with your species selection forming the first part. It’s pretty cool – but there’s plenty more to see there too. Find all the weird stuff we learned below, originally shared via NME on Snapchat.

STAR WARS Identities - Munich OlympiaparkJoerg Koch


1. Young Chewbacca is hauntingly skinny

Look at him: this is concept art for what might have become part of The Empire Strikes Back. One of the earliest ideas for that film was to go to Chewbacca’s home planet and explore his background. This actually did happen in the widely panned TV Christmas film, 1978’s Star Wars Holiday Special.


2. Yoda was originally a gnome called Minch


There were loads of different concept ideas for Yoda, and the exhibition shows the progression of his character from a garden gnome-type figure to a wizened dude with lots of white hair to the Yoda we know and love today. Interestingly, they ended up basing his eye shape on Albert Einstein’s, to try and channel the latter’s infinite wisdom.

yodaoriginalconceptartstarwarsLucasFilm/Hugh Armitage

3. Jabba the Hutt might have had legs

Look at them! Imagine.


4. Jabba’s eyes were remote-controlled

This is what they look like outside of the Hutt costume: alongside three puppeteers, they helped bring the space gangster to life.


5. A bacon plant almost made it into A New Hope

This ‘Tropical Rainforest’ alien is an ‘amublatory plant’ that traps and absorbs insects to eat. According to the concept art it has a great sense of humour. It also looks like a jellyfish mashed with a butternut squash, streaky bacon and frogspawn.


Star Wars: Identities runs until September 3, 2017 at The O2, London.