Is there a ‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ post-credits scene?


It is rare that Bill Murray makes a bad movie. From the zany comic’s early appearances on Saturday Night Live, to his mid-career pomp with Wes Anderson, followed by latter days filled mostly with epic cameos (including, of course, Zombieland  in 2009), Murray hasn’t really had a bad run. Luckily, that’s not about to end anytime soon – as his brief pop-up in the Zombieland: Double Tap post-credits scene is pure zombie-infested poetry.

Set mostly at an interview junket in Hollywood (presumably), the 69-year-old actor is being questioned as part of the promotion for his new movie, Garfield 3: Flabby Tabby. Murray provided the voice for the eternally pessimistic feline on two occasions – Garfield and Garfield 2 – but famously they both flopped, critically and financially. The situation is a nicely-timed, tongue-in-cheek joke – a riff on perhaps Murray’s only bad outings in his whole career.

Asked by the interviewer why he took on the role, Murray quips: “Drugs cost money”. Later, he’s reminded of the bizarre hairball noise he came up with for the performance. The Spanish newscaster wonders if she can get the star to repeat his cat-based party trick – and obviously, he agrees. It’s a pretty odd moment, but one that’s in keeping with the scene’s bonkers vibe. At one point, he remembers this is a bit for Hispanic fans and so alters his approach to cough in a Spanish accent. It’s brilliant, vintage Murray.

In an extended sequence, the scene evolves into something more than your average MCU post-credits scene. One by one, each of the other personalties in the room begins to cough, splutter and finally vomit. They’ve been infected with a deadly virus, one that’s turning them all into flesh-eating zombies. What follows is an action-packed escape, starring Bill as himself, but far better equipped to dispatch the undead. Fighting his way out of the building, Murray spanks various walkers about the place with his trusty metal chair, before turning to a shiny sandwich platter as a back-up. His parting words? “I hate Mondays”. Really Bill? If every week started like this, then we’d never want the weekend to come at all.

‘Zombieland: Double Tap’ arrives in cinemas on Friday 18 October