The YouTube Rewind video will make you nostalgic… for 2017

Remember Salt Bae?

Well, what a year it’s been. 2017 has come and gone and, pop culturally speaking (let’s not get into politics, eh?), we’ve all enjoyed a wild ride. Ed Sheeran swallowed the charts! ‘Despacito’ took over the world! We all gorged on Stranger Things until our eyeballs ached like we’d scratched our corneas on the sharp edge of a Rubik’s Cube! In fact, so much has happened that it’s quite difficult to keep track of everyone and everything that went down. January feels like a prehistoric time, an unevolved era when no-one knew what a fidget spinner was. How did these cave people ever manage to live? And why?

Anyway, YouTube has gathered the year’s most compelling pop culture ephemera into one delicious, seven-minute video called YouTube Rewind 2017. The company does this every year, packing in YouTube stars and endless references to memes. The crowd always goes wild, with millions of views racked up in the time it takes you to remember what a Salt Bae is. It’s like Charlie Brooker’s ScreenWipe but with better hair and more jumpcuts. Behold! The year that was, the year that has been, the year that can never be again because that, friends and readers, is how time and chronology works.


Pop quiz: how many of our standout 2017 moments did you spot in the whirling cavalcade of perfect teeth and almost relentless positivity that is the YouTube Rewind 2017?

Those kids that ran in on their Dad when he was doing an interview with BBC News

Talk show host Stephen Colbert appears as himself, introducing YouTubers Lele and Liza to talk us through the year was 2017. They’re interrupted, though, in a reference to a viral video – from March – which saw America academic Professor Robert Kelly’s children burst in while their Dad was doing an interview with the beeb. Feel the warm rush of nostalgia!

The world went nuts for fidget spinners despite the fact that, like, iPads and stuff exist

Yeah, no-one’s quite sure why spinny bits of plastic became a thing when you have an entire universe of digital entertainment and information at your fingertips, but we must remember that the world is a strange and complicated place. The YouTube Rewind video pays homage to the craze with one fidget spinner that controls the movements of a train and another that, for reasons unknown, stands in for a set of decks. Did we mention that the world is a strange and complicated place?

Taylor Swift came back and, oh boy, was she mighty pissed off about various things (but mainly stuff people said about her on the internet)


Yeah, Tay gone bad. We know this because ‘Look What You Made Me Do’, the lead single from her sixth album ‘Reputation’, was released in August and featured a scene in which she emerges from a coffin, all menacing and zombiefied and stuff. Here various undead YouTubers mimic Taylor’s bold entrance to the year, proving that imitation really is the most sincere form of flattery, and also that 2017 has not been good for anyone’s complexion.

That giraffe that went into labour and everyone was obsessed with for a while

Around the middle of the year, the world become fixated with a giraffe named April, who was pregnant for absolutely bloody ages. The Animal Adventure Park in New York live streamed the birth and so millions of people tuned to patiently wait for April to go into labour. These people clearly do not have a Netflix account. Anyway, some viewers believe that YouTube has here thanked April for all those video view by including a giraffe and its offspring in the background of one shot. Congratulations, April, you’ve officially gone down in internet history and we look forward to seeing you on an ‘I Love… 2017’ retrospective.

All things considered, Salt Bae might have been the best meme of 2017

Back in January, Turkish chef Nusret Gökçe became a viral sensation when his restaurant tweeted a video of him dicing meat and, crucially, seasoning it in a highly flamboyant way. Thus, Nusret became Salt Bae, an internet icon who represents a life lived with reckless steez and who also looks quite a lot like Robert Downey Jr. Of course the rewind video remixed his 15 gigabytes of fame, just in time to ensure we all disconcert our nans by garnishing the Christmas turkey in his mouthwatering style.