These People Can’t Handle The Big ‘Walking Dead’ Reveal

After teasing for what feels like an entire age, The Walking Dead finally revealed who felt the full force of Negan’s baseball bat last night when it returned for Season Seven. But first…

MAJOR SPOILERS BELOW: If you haven’t seen the opening episode of Season Seven, do not read below. Seriously, run away.

Season Six ended on a painstaking cliff-hanger as the gang were lined up in front of uber-baddie Negan, but the victim(s) of his brutal attack were sneakily kept hidden. It turned out it was both fan-favourite Glenn Rhee and Abraham Ford who got a raw deal as Negan’s reign of terror began. Though the double death may come as a shock to some, those who have read the comics already won’t be all that surprised. In Robert Kirkman’s original texts, Glenn is brutally murdered by Negan with his bat and the show has followed suit. Abraham is also murdered by Negan in the comics, though in an indirect way, as he his shot by one of his followers, called ‘Saviours’.


Even though many suspected that a grisly end was on the horizon for those two, it didn’t make the brutal scene any easier to watch.

It was fan-favourite Glenn who got most of the grieving


A teaser of an alternate reality got fans a bit misty eyed too

A few complained that the reveal was simply too gory


Shock-factor was high this week

There was some expert trolling from the official Twitter account, but a much needed palate cleanser for some

This adorable photo of the victims got fans choked up for sure